Anyone Familiar With Ntc At Ft. Irwin, California? Need Help.

Hello Everyone.
I am new to this website & I joined because my boyfriend is a infantryman in the army. Right now my boyfriend is currently stationed at Ft. Knox, and I am living in South Carolina, which is our hometown. While our relationship is long distance, he does make the trip to see me about every other weekend. However, as of today, his unit was sent to Ft. Irwin, California for NTC (combat training). He will be gone for the whole month of august and is not allowed to have internet, receive mail, and they are not supposed to have their phones. However, he did tell me that he was going to try and sneak his phone, and do whatever it takes to call me, even if it means hiding out in the bathroom. I am just wondering if this is going to be possible....i'm wondering if they confiscated the phones. Has anyone had their boyfriend go to NTC at Ft. Irwin? Or something similar? If so, were you able to communicate with them during that time? I want to know what to expect.
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Was going to be helpful since I was stationed there, but as I was writing this I realized I'm a bit late... lol

Well He really needs to consentrate on the mission given to his Copany.Back when I was there in 1983-86,I don't think cell phones were invented,so we had to waite in line at the payphone IF we were allowed to do so.There was no such thing as sneaking off to call your girl,duty first.I didn't need any more Article 15's I had like 2 months to go.I loved that place and really miss it.We did have one casuality when we were the OPFOR.our Post CSM was killed in a jeep accident when it over turned on him,back in 84 or 85.His name is on the tip of my toung,started with a "H".

I was stationed out there as an Infantryman and its is in the middle of nowhere, so good luck keeping his phone charged. if they find your phone plugged into the generator it will dissappear. It is a post to train realisticly as though you where deployed, it simulates batttle down to every detail. You really don't have time to worry about outside activities. My advice is let him focus 100% his training because this training is what will keep him alive in combat, any outside distractions could be detrimental. you can make mistakes @ Irwin and learn from them but if you make mistakes in combat it can get you and your men killed.

Depends on the unit he is in and such... I know mine was able to call me at least every few days, not for long, but enough for the I miss you's and I'm ok's :)