Finally News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im glad to say i finally heard from my soldier. after almost a month i finally got news, he is ok is all he ever says. i think he says that so i wont worry. but that is better than nothing. i miss him so much and i am dying for him to come home. im also a littel shock at the information my boyfriends cousin told me. since my boyfriend and me really were not exclusive or a couple when he left we were just talking i really didnt think he had told anyone from his familly besides his cousin. well it turns out that he told his parents about me. i couldnt believe it. i havent met his parents yet so i am nervouse of what they think or what they said. i asked myself does that mean that things are serious between us? i mean for him to tell his parents about me? i dnt know im just nervous i guess. i really love him and i want things to work out between us, i cant wait til i get another email. this deploymet still feels so surreal at times...but as time passes i start to feel it more and more, i love him and i miss him and i cant wait to hold him in my arms
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thats so cool, i wish you the best with your boyfriend, yes somedays it does get hard, and especially when your friends and family dont understand what you are going through.and it seems like no one understands you. but yeah defenetly ill keep in touch you do the same.

its so nerve recking isnt it lol...and we had barely started talking about 2 or 3 months before his unit got called back to active duty, and we became bf and gf on july 6th lol via email which really i wouldnt have changed anything it came to me as a huge suprise that he told his parents about me. and he has been deplyed for 2 months and i need 16 more to go. and thnk you if you ever need anyone to talk to you can count on me.