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indecisionI'm new, so I thought I'd get started. my boyfriend of a year and 4 months leaves for basic tomorrow. we live together and spend all our time together so I'm just getting the hang of this being alone thing. anybody else start missing their soldier before they're gone, cause I'm already going crazy .
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Thank you guys, I already feel better. It wasnt as hard as I thought it was goignt to be to see him leave.

Hello! I know EXACTLY what you're going through. My boyfriend and I live together and spend ALL of our time together, too (when he's home from his Army duties) so I know exactly what you mean when you say that you feel like you're already going crazy. When my soldier left for OCS (Officer Candidate School) it was like Basic Training all over again. He was leaving to become an Artillery Officer / 2nd LT in his unit, and the restrictions on his batallion were horrible. <br />
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I remember crying and being upset days before he had to leave. I remember how awful it felt the day before he was to leave - I totally understand where you are right now. I know your soldier is leaving today - and it's going to be okay.I know it hurts really, really badly right now. I know it seems like the days could never pass fast enough for his return. And I know it feels like you are going insane with sadness just because you miss him so damn much. But I prmise you that it's going to be okay and you are going to make it through. <br />
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I know the sucky part is, that since you live with him and spend all of your time together, that it is going to be hard because you are surrounded by his clothes, his things, your memories together. Instead of ignoring those things, surround yourself with them and use them to help you cope through this hard time. Remember, he needs you to be strong for him, so try your best to take the best care of yourself that you can given the circumstances. You'll talk to him soon, and don't forget to write him a TON of letters - he'll definitely love receiving them, I promise. Good luck and PLEASE send me a message anytime if you need someone to vent/talk to, okay? :-)