Giddy, Just Giddy!!

This weekend I went to help a friend of mine pack and get ready for her move cross country. I got to borrow my boyfriend's car (he's currently deployed) and his Mom said she wouldn't mind me picking her up a certain something that she only get's in the area I would be in, also where his brother and sister in law live. Upon getting there and calling them they both gave me the happiest words in my life. They'd love for me to visit... bet you're happy he gets to visit soon... stay with us sometime, "You are family."

"You are family." That made me so happy I cried on the way home. I don't have much of a family, and never did. Sure I have blood relatives, but if they could tell you what my favorite color or food is, it would be amazing, they couldn't do it.

I'm so in love with this guy, it's painful, in that good way of anticipation... We are under 60 days before his R&R and now I know I get to see him for the entire time, rather than a trip somewhere else that I could not possibly afford.
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Aww i'm happy for you! that is so sweet! I got really happy when my boyfriends mom called me family it was a really great feeling, but my family situation isn't the same as yours so I'm sure for you it was a million times better! Reading this made me happy! lol. Today kinda sucked and seeing how excited you are kinda made me feel better. :D Stay strong!