Kinda Nervous About Him Coming Home...

My soldier will be stateside within a week or so
& i dont know why im nervous about it...
i keep wondering if things will be the exact same as before he deployed.
the way we would laugh & play around and just enjoy each others company
& PTSD scares the hell out of me!
i know he's seen a lot in Afghanistan & this was his first delployment
I know ill be the only one he can really talk to about anything.
He is my best friend & im his.
& then im trying really hard to get the apartment in order and perfect for him to come home to
Im sorry if i sound scatter brained..  idk has anyone ever felt this way?
i just need a little advice i guess...
nat21armygf nat21armygf
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I actually just did this...message me if you wanna talk about it. Congratulations that he's coming home so soon, and just be excited about that for now! You'll both adjust, and even if it's not the "exact" same...he's back!

Yes, there are those of us that worry about crap like that, especially when I have had friends come back different from when they left. The thing is, you're there for him, and if he needs help, there is help for him now. Enjoy him being home and deal with it if/when it comes up. Keep in mind there will be adjustment time either way for him to get use to being home, but you will help him with that :)

Calm down and take a few deep breaths. Everything will be fine. If PTSD becomes an issue, learn how to deal with it then. In the meantime, don't get too worked up about the "what ifs." Plus, yayyyy, you get to see your man!