Boyfriend's Family.

Does anyone else have a horrible relationship with your man's family since he joined the army?

I used to get along with my boyfriend's family so well, and ever since he left for basic back in February.. they've been an absolute nightmare. I can't take them anymore. They're so judgemental, and think that I would/am cheating on him.

I'm scared that they are going to ruin our relationship. I have said something to my boyfriend about it, but I don't really want him to say anything about it to them because I don't want to harm their relationship with him.

I just need some advice.. any other girls in the same situation I am?
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

yeah... they are so difficult to be around. which i don't go around them anymore.. after what they have been saying. i tried to just brush it off, but it's been months and it's only gotten worse. i love my boyfriend more than anything in the world, and i would never cheat on him. they just don't get it. his mother is completely nuts. my boyfriends sister is engaged, and they've been together for four years.. and my boyfriend's mother still doesn't like her boyfriend. it's ridiculous. and my boyfriend wants me to come out and marry him, which i'm fine with. but i told him we are not moving back here.. if his mother can be like that for years.. i'll go insane.

Actually i'm surprised that they are like that to you.. My boyfriends family treat me so nicely. They say all the time that I'm part of the family.. maybe they are just upset that your boyfriend is gone, and maybe they are taking it out on you which is wrong but sometimes people do it.. I know this probably sounds crazy or whatever but maybe you should sit down and talk with his family, or with whoever is saying things like that about you. Have a heart to heart with them and tell them how much you actually care about your boyfriend. I think its all that you can do really.

In a way i'm dealing with the same thing... my boyfriend is deployed and has been for awhile and it took so long for them to start including me in things. Even now they still question me when I go out with friends and make jokes that are completly inappropriate. You have to remember that you're relationship is about you and him not you him and his whole family. If they try to say anything about what you're doing or what they think you might do just remind them that you knew what you were getting into when your b.f joined the army and that you're going to stick with him no matter what and be loyal to him =).