I am going a little crazy.. I don't know what to do with myself sometimes, I really miss my boyfriend. One minute I'm fine and happy and the next I  find myself really annoyed or angry with everything. And whenever I get mad, I give everyone around me attitude.. Does anyone else have mood swings like that? I know its cause I'm kinda emotional about my boyfriend being gone, its only been two weeks.. but ugh I hope it gets better! And I need a job too man! I know that wil distract me but lately its been so hard to find a job.. ah just everything is sucking lately. I can't wait to get another letter.. My boyfriends sister came by the other day to take the letter I recieved on saturday, cause it was addressed for the both of us.. now i can't even reread it. I hope she'll  give it back soon lol.. sorry I'm just like rambaling, I'm just kinda stressed! I needed to vent..
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Of course! We are all here for each other! And I'll definitely talk to you whenever I need some advice, cause I'm sure you've been through so much more than me haha.. Thank youuuu!! :D

Lol hi Andrea, I'm Sara.. <br />
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I just really miss him.. I haven't heard his voice for almost two weeks, I just miss himmmm!!! AHHH it just sucks so much I can't wait til he gets home. I look up to all of you girls who are going through deployment with your men, cause mine is only in basic, so I don't have to worry too much about the crazy stuff that goes on over there in Iraq and Afghanistan.. Cause he's safe over there in basic but I just don't hear from him enough.. and his letters he hates it over there! I know since its the beginning of basic its gonna be tough cause thats how it is I know it will get better for him but he's my baby I wish I could comfort him like I used to but i can't. :( tonight is just a bad night.. lol.