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The boyfriend is on a mini vacation with his best friend in Cancun & he promised to call me once everyday (no matter the charges) since I really dislike Cancun (long story). For the first two days I was able to talk to him real quick say I love you and I miss you and that's about it. But yesterday was just horrible! I missed his call in the morning because I was showering. Then I missed him being on Facebook a couple minutes after that. Then later on my friend texted me saying he had left me an important post. & thank goodness I had my laptop with me at school because he was able to reply back to me and we said we'd talk on facebook that night. I got on but not on the chat, and he just assumed I was off and left me a message which I didn't know I had until 10 minutes later, by that time he was off. I was like if I miss one more of his calls, I'm going to cry my eyes out. & I missed his morning call again!! I think I just felt so bad because if I do this once he's gone for basic or anything, I will be so sad. This whole week is the longest we've been without seeing each other and I miss him terribly like an idiot. I can't imagine what I'm going to do for 9 weeks!!! Oh my LANTA!

Good news is I finally answered his call! The 3 minutes that we were on the phone totally made my day. & I chatted with him on facebook too for like 5 minutes! :) Made me so happy.
He was like I miss you so much, I don't know what we're going to do once i leave for basic. hahaha.
He was like so do you think we're going to make it. I was like yeah, do you? He was like I KNOW we'll make it. :)
Totally made me smile like an idiot to the computer. :D

Can't wait til he's back in my arms, then 3 weeks to spend together and off to basic he will go.

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Thanks sweetie. I hope I am lucky too and get at least a phone call and get a letter real soon too. I won't get my hopes too high on the phone call though. <br />
And writing letters, gah I've never done that before but it sorta sounds exciting. :)<br />
My boyfriend will be back from vacation tomorrow, and until he leaves I will cherish every moment i have left with him.<br />
& I will try and be strong. :)<br />
Thanks so much!<br />
I wish you the best. :)<br />
If you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

I got to tell you right now.. You might not get many calls while your boyfriend is in basic, I'm sure you already know that but its just a reminder.. I was lucky to get a call from my boyfriend, but that was only cause when he called his mom she didn't answer. And he said in his letter that he will call his mom the next time he gets a chance, just always keep your phone with you though just in case.. but your main form of communication WILL be letters.. and that doesn't even come very quickly, everyone I talked to said it took a whole month before they got the first letter from their boyfriend, I was lucky to only waiting a week and a half.. and I got my first phone call two days after he left, but like I said before that was only because his mom didn't answer she was at work. <br />
While your boyfriend is gone just stay strong! And cherish every moment you have together now. Be patient and write him A LOT. Even before you get the address, I'm sure he would love to know what you were doing while he will be gone. <br />
Stay strong girly! Wish you luck :)

i can only imagine what that's like since your bf is over seas and mines just on vacation right now and it drove me crazy! but i will get to experience all that stuff pretty soon since he leaves on august 30 for basic. i get to start from the beginning, lol. and thanks for saying positive things, it really makes me really believe in my boyfriend and i because everyone else just thinks i'm crazy.<br />
i wish you guys the best too and that your soldier will come home to you safely soon. :)

missing phone calls and massages are going to happen sad to say.... my boyfriend is in Iraq and when i miss his calls because i am at work i cry my eyes out! or when i have to go to work and he's off mission for the night... blahhh it just drives me crazyyyyy .... and i feel so bad when i dont get to talk to him. it's hard but you learn how to make it work! dont worry girlie yall will get through it just like your soldier said! you just got to keep your head up! good luck i wish both of you only the best!!!! :)