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I need some advice about somthing and this time its not just about how do I get through deployment. I just recently became aware of a medical problem, its a bit serious, but fixable. However, I will still be getting treated after my soldier leaves.  Now he is already worried about me enough, but does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep his worry to a minimum when he leaves and while he is away. I mean what would you all say to your soldiers? The last thing he needs is to be distracted about how I am doing, when he is trying to do his job. I feel like "I am fine" is not going to cut it with him.

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I have a medical condition, however my soldier already knew all about it before he left. (We have been dating for over 2 years, so when he left 2 months ago, it was nothing new for him). But, he did still worry about me. I told him that I'd be fine - that I was an independent woman and could deal, no problem, and to just worry about his duties. He listened to an extent, but still worried a bit. But I was kind-of happy that he was worring, because it showed that he really cared. <br />
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What you need to do is just tell him what is going on with you and assure him it's going to be okay. Inform him of everything, so he knows just what is happening. Then, tell him you don't want him to worry and tell him that over and over until he sees the sincerity in your eyes. I prmoise you that he would much rather be told now than later. You may hurt him in the long run if this is kept from him. So, put everything out on the table BEFORE he leaves so you can both take care of each other and have a even more successful deployment. Who knows, he may be the one who helps you through a serous medical situation that you may endure, all because he knows and understands what is going on with you. You wouldn't want something to happen while he is away then try to explain everything later on. And BTW, you can tell your soldier not to worry, and he will probably say he won't...but he will...and that should make you feel good inside knowing how much he cares about ya. <br />
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Good luck w/ everything. Message me if you need to vent/talk.