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my soldier and i would like to get married when he comes back from AIT and then i would move with him to wherever he is going to be stationed. we want to just be legally married for now, without having a wedding yet, and then have a wedding early next year. does anyone know how to go about doing this? what are the steps for doing something like that?

and also, for any of you who have unsupportive parents, how would you tell them you plan to get married by the end of this year? we are both only 20 and i know we are young but we love each other and its what we want to do. i just dont know how my parents will react and would really like some advice on how to tell them.... thanks!
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He is an E-3 right now. Is living on the base cheaper? Because I know that he gets a monthly allowance for housing and food if he is married. And then what other bills would there be?

My husband and i just got married two months ago. I just literally turned 18 and he was 19, he's 20 now. but our parents were both very supportive. just make sure you talk to your parents and tell them how you feel. My husband also asked my dad for permission and my dad was very okay with it. So just talk to your parents and let them know that you two are serious about each other. :)

okay thank you! that really helps :) he was also planning on asking my dad's permission beforehand because i know my parents would like that because they are a little old fashioned haha so maybe that will help too

Hmm, maybe try talking to them with the both of you there? They might have more respect if the two of you are present when you're telling your parents and answer each question maturely and honest. Though I didn't have the unsupportive parents situation, what also helped me when my soldier and I had to tell our parents is to think of the question they might ask. So that way you have some sort of plan instead of just winging it and can give the best possible answer.<br />
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Much luck and best wishes to the two of you!

I'm also 20 and know all about unsupportive parents. Its really tough. I myself am still figuring out how to handle my parents but I do know that a friend of mine got married at a marriage commissioners office. It differs by state. You'd have to check out your state's laws....