Vent About Friends.

Warning: This is just going to be me venting about how my friends dont understand.
So today i got a 6 and a half min phone call from my soldier. This made my entire day, im sure you girls know this feeling! But when i told my friend about this she felt the need to brag that her boyfriend called her 3 times today and how they where all close to an hour long. REALLY? As much as i wanted to go off on her and explain to her that my boyfriend is busy all day in training and that he even had time to talk to me that long is completly amazing! I couldnt...her boyfriend is a college drop our, has not job and lives off his parents...but he is so much better than my boyfriend because he has time to call her 3 times a day....reallly what else does the guy have to do?! I just dont understand why someone who  is supposed to be my friend makes a point of it to ruin my good mood. And after this she asks me if i would rather not get a phone call or not. Is that even a question...Of course i would rather talk to him! Why wouldnt I? Yes hearing his voice does remind me of how much i miss him but its so worth it to know hes okay.
Do any of you girls have this problem? how do you get your friends to understand?

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ok my turn to vent! ok so i have 2 friends that do different thing<br />
friend #1: if she can't see her boyfriend for the weekend, she complains the WHOLE time we're hanging out!!! or even if she saw him earlier that day but his texts aren't coming back as fast as she wants them to, she freakin complains! i wanna be like "well at least you can see and talk to him!" a little respect woman! <br />
friend #2: so the other day we were hanging out and she was getting ready to go back to college which is 4 hours away. that makes her (my best friend) and Troy (my soldier) both 2 best friends. i was like "damn this sucks". she told me to quit complaining! she had a balls to tell me to "shut up and stop complaining"!!! i lost it! i was like "let me tell you something! my fiance is in a state halfway across the country...i haven't seen him for 2 months and the only communication we get is about one letter a week and one phone call a week. don't you EVER tell me to stop complaining unless you know exactly what i'm going through!" she started crying when she found out a guy that she liked (wasn't even dating) was going into army ROTC! and she told me to stop complaining...not gonna lie, i almost punched my best friend in the face<br />
<br />
ok...venting done. i feel much better lol

I have the same problem too. Not only with some friends but with family too. They don't understand why I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend who is deployed right now. We've been together for almost a year. Some of my friends are all talking about "I don't know how you could do this or why would you even do this." You can't help who you fall in love with, I just happen to fall in love with a soldier. He called me at 5 in the morning today and I was sure as hell wasn't going to miss that call but if I told my friends or family, some of them just don't understand.<br />
<br />
I'm in the same boat with you, girly. It sucks, but you just have to shrug it off and understand that "Our boyfriends defend our country, so theirs doesn't have to."

I have a friend that is less than 45 minutes away from her boyfriend and is constantly complaining about "I miss my boyfriend." It makes me soooo mad because she at least has the ability to go see him, he's NOT in afganistan like my boyfriend and I just wish that for one week, she could go through what not only I, but everyone on this website faces. She would never make it. Stay Strong! (:

I agree with you a 120%! They will never understand, im so glad i found this wedsite it makes me hard times a little easier. And thanks for your comment it makes me feel so much better knowing someone has the same problem as me :)

i have the exact same problem. my best friend lives with her boyfriend so she sees him everyday and sleeps with him every night and i asked her one time to come stay at my place for the night because i was having a hard day and didn't want to be alone and she didn't want to because she would not get to see her bf that day if she stayed with me. seriously?! i was so mad. i told her that i haven't seen my boyfriend in over a month and talk to him once a week, but she can't help me because she won't see him for 12 hours?? honestly i don't think they will ever understand what we are going through until they experience it themselves. they may say they do, but they don't and never will. i am sorry you are going through this, but you have all of us here to support you and understand you! :) stay strong girl