Basic + College = Deppression

So i finally got the call I'd been waiting for all day yesterday. My soldier finally gave me he dates for graduation and family day,and of course I will have school and probably won't get to go ...... so now I'm on the edge of depression, I was really looking forward to watching him at graduation, and now I won't get to see him for even longer. anybody else not get to see there man graduate from basic ?
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

yes i honestly think it be worth skipping a few days of class to see your love graduate.<br />
just make sure to go up and beyond to finish your future assignments/studying that way you can just enjoy your time over there and not be stressed.<br />
if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me.<br />

I'm gana do everything I can to get up there. if I have to be "sick" to skip.

im in college too and my boyfriend graduates in september. i am going to just miss a couple days of school to fly out there. is there any way you could do that too? im sure he would really like that, but if not i am sure he will understand. best of luck to you :) stay strong!

is there any way you could miss two days of class? & if not it's okay. <br />
i'm sure he's proud of you for being in college :) and wants you to make good grades. :)<br />
you're one strong girl for doing college and dealing with a bf who's in basic. :)<br />
<br />
my boyfriend leaves in 3 weeks for basic, so his graduation will also be during school time. I'm just praying that nothing important goes on during those 2 days and I will be willing to miss class.