Yesterday Sucked But Today Made Up For It All :d

So I've been in the middle of NH with my family for the last 2 weeks and we finally leave tomorrow. Vacation is an awesome distraction but it has sucked because I haven't been able to get any of his letters :( I know their in the mail box waiting for me when I get home, but the anticipation is killing me. Tho today I randomly got a message from his twin sister saying to call her and she left her number on my wall. I had no idea why she wanted me to call her so I was slightly hesitant but finally did, She wants to give me the paper family gets that say what he'll be doing and all, and that I can go to the family day with her which happens to be a weekend next month!! I can't believe that in a month I'll be able to see him :) Even if its just for a weekend I don't care I'm going, I'm gonna find a way to get their and nothing is going to stop me lol. This is seriously one of the best days I've had! :D 
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Aw i know how you feel. when i went on vacation last week i was calling my sister everyday to see if there was any letters! and then the day i got home i checked the mail box and there was one for me! haha. and my boyfriend has a twin sister too!! haha how cool is that lol. I'm sure you'll have loads of letters! And i'm happy for you that you'l see your boyfriend soon! I have three months left :(