Ughh I Am Soo Upsett!!

It has been two weeks since my boyfriend left for basic.. i got his first letter last saturday.. and my third letter today. I have been sending him letters since monday! EVERYDAY! since monday.. and i got a letter today from august second saying that he has gotten nothing.. and its deppressing because he sounds so sad.. he feels like me and his family have forgotten about him and that we aren't supporting him which is the farthest from the truth. We are supporting him, and we are here for him, missing him and we love him! I talk to his dad and sister and mom every other day to let them know when i get a letter and they do the same.. He is thinking about quiting.. even though i know he won't, but that people are quiting left and right. I know he is not a quiter.. but I just wish he would call someone!! That way he would know that we are here.. I don't understand why he hasn't gotten another call oportunity.. I'm so upset.. when i got this letter today i quickly wrote a response and made my mom drive me to the post office.. and I even stopped by his recruiters station to talk to his recruiter but they weren't open.. but i got his reruiters number and his sister called and left a message so hopefully he will call back, maybe he can help somehow. It sucks because this week is a hard one.. he already went through the gas chamber and I know that it must have sucked.. cause he told me he felt like he was gonna die.. but he hasn't gotten any letters to cheer him up.. ugh i feel like crying. I already did cry but it seems like i have no more tears left.. everytime i think of it it makes me so sad.. i feel so horrible.. like i'm the lucky one cause i'm getting letters and he's not! OH and another thing.. every time i get a letter there is something added on the the address. So me and his sister think its because the letters we've sent before weren't correct with the address.. but i don't know ugh! THIS SUCKS :'(
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yeah.. mine was just a number off too.. i know it takes a while but it has been a few days, i'm hoping he gets a letter tomorrow at least.. i really don't want him to think i have forgotten about him. He is very insecure sometimes, and i know that. But i am disappointed that he could even think such a thing about me and his family. I love him to death of course i'd be there for him! I sent him four letters today, and one of them was worded exactly how he put on his envelope. so overall i must have sent him over fifteen letters, becasue of the fact that some envelopes had three letters from different days. I cannot wait til he gets them all i know he will be a much happier person.. it just hurts me to hear him saying theses things!

If you just sent him a letter this Monday, don't fret. I know my letters take 4-5 days to get to my boyfriend. Of course, that is when the address information is correct. My first letter took a bit longer to get to him because he didn't give the the right city and one of the numbers were off, but it eventually made it's way to him. And I'm not sure how it happens, but sometimes letters I mail out on different days all arrive in his hands the same day. Perhaps by fault of someone on base or just the post office. I'm sure he will get you letters soon, and it will definitely make his day!