So my husband left yesterday for a year. He is still in the states for training until he goes overseas in about two-three months. Our baby boy is due in about five weeks. Does anyone know if he will get to come home for the birth of our son since he is still in the states?
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Because you are married, He should be able to leave for a short amount of time.<br />
So I assume he would be allowed to come home for the birth of your child. <br />
And Congrats. :)

Depends. They usually get a 4 day pass right before they deploy. I have no idea when that happens, but my man's was at the end of his training a like 2-3 days before they actually left the states. Hope this helps, and good luck on your baby boy. If you have any questions feel free to write me.

Probably only if he gets to come home for r&r.<br />
I'm not positive on that though