So obviously with as many stories ive posted today i am worried. My husband is getting deployed to Afghanistan in a couple months, but right now he is still in the states training. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have a husband who is currently overseas or who did serve over there and is now home. Is there any advice on how to not worry so much about the danger over there? Anything to know so i can be really positive?
Thank you.
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Keep yourself busy. Find a new hobby, exercise to keep healthy, read books, anything. It helps make the time go buy faster. It might not seem so in the beginning but then things start picking up. Spend time with friends and his/your family. And just know that the year will eventually end and does not last forever.<br />
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Other than that, what helps keep me positive is thinking up of all the things I can buy and make to send to my soldier (i love and receiving mail :D). I just made his favorite type of cookies yesterday, placed them in a big tupperware and wrapped the lid sealed with a ton of tape. I sent that along with a few other snacks he loves. Learn how to bake/make his favorite whatevers that won't spoil in about 2-3 weeks (hence the cookies!)