Leaving Soon

So I'm down to 8 days before I leave for basic and my soldier comes home in about 2-3 weeks. It is starting to finally hit me that I'm leaving and that I was so close to seeing him. It's like we got all this way and now we have to wait till October when I graduate. I'm a little nervous on how he is going to be when he is home and I'm not around because I've heard that they let loose alot and well he never had a problem with that before so I feel like now it's going to be way more extreme and I won't be there to "watch him". It's not like I'm worried that he is going to cheat or anything like that I'm referring more to the fact that he does enjoy a good drink....or few. I was always DD and if I'm not here who is going to do it.. his friends are not reliable as much as I love them all. I tried to talk to him and a few of our really close friends about it but they all just brush it off because they think I'm just being a worrrywart. I might be acting like that but they all haven't seen him since January and I know they're gonna want to live it up with him and he can't be doing that and driving. Ugh Idk too much stress any ideas on how to someone make this a little better?
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Thank you for the advice I have talked to one of our friends who has known him for a long time and he understands what I'm getting at so only time will tell what happens. He is actually coming home for good which is really exciting but frustrating because I wasn't expecting him home early that is why I planned my basic for now and not sooner.

This is a tough one to give advice to since I haven't been in this situation. Maybe you can have a close friend or relative step up and keep an eye on him a little? Not "mom" him, but be there when he's had a few drinks and take care of him a little/keep him in check. Or maybe you could talk to him about how you're feeling. I don't know his personality so I don't know if he would get angry that you think he'll "let loose" too much. But, maybe just let him know that you care about him and it's worrying you. I don't know how much communication you two have right now since he's not there. You've got a lot to worry about for yourself at Basic, so worrying about him is going to add to it. It would probably help your peace of mind to have a friend back home who is keeping an eye on him for you. You might want to let him know you asked a friend to do that though. Just so you don't have to have a discussion about you not trusting him or you treating him like he's not an adult. I don't know if he'd react like that or not. Just make sure he knows it's because you care! How long is he going to be home? Sorry this was so long and I hope it helps!