Medical Update

so last month i posted a story about how i had to have a breast biopsy done, and wasn't sure weather or not to tell my husband who is deployed to afghanistan.  well i ended up telling him about it, and he did get worried but was glad i told him.  my results came back and I have a pre-cancerous tumor that i need to have removed.  but thank god that i got it checked and we found it in time!!  my husband was very relieved and now i just want this surgery done and over with.  unfortunately, this is not where my medical problems end.  I had to go into the emergency room because i've been having episodes of tachycardia where my heart beats 150 beats a min for like 3 hours and i can't get it to slow down, and i have extreme chest pain and shortness of breath and almost pass out.  I went into the e.r. and they thought i was having a heart attack at first so they gave me a bunch of tests including a catheter angiogram which was TERRIBLE and concluded that i have an electrical problem with my heart and will most likely need a pacemaker.  They put me on medication to slow my heart rhythm for the time being but wow.  I can't handle all this medical crap!! Thank god for military health insurance otherwise I would be so much farther in debt.  I would like to blame my heart problems on this stupid deployment at this point.  I just want to feel like a normal 22 year old again soon.  I have a bunch of meetings with a cardiologist in the upcoming weeks so hopefully we can pin point the problem.  I just feel terrible because I have had to worry my husband with not 1 but 2 medical scares.  I don't like giving him any extra stress, but it seems like my body just is just breaking down at this point.  Anyways, lets hope it all gets better soon.  I hope all you ladies are having a good summer, and you all get to see your men soon!  Take care :)
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I'm so glad to hear that they found the pre-cancerous tumor in time and that they'll be able to preform a surgery to removie it. I'm so sorry to hear about you possibly needing a pace maker but you are by far the strongest person I've heard of. It stinks that you've had to break the news to your hubby, but I'm sure he'd rather know than not. Stay strong and if you need to talk feel free to message me!