This is just a little bit of a rant. It may be a little short. I just want to say that I hate when people talk disrespectfully about soldiers and what they're doing in the war. Sure, not everyone agrees with what's going on, but I think everyone should always have respect for people who put their country first and risk their lives to protect us. So to anyone who doesn't agree with the war, I think you should still have respect for the soldiers who are fighting to keep you safe so you can eat dinner with your loved ones at night and sleep in your own bed. I know a lot of people say they don't agree with war but respect soldiers. But, then there are others who are just rude. It drives me crazy! Rant over.
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i wish there was a like button. (lol i'm such a dork) i agree with you 100%

amen sister, i totally agree :)