My boyfriend left for basic a week ago, and it was a hard transition from seeing him every day, to not talking to him. And I guess everything's kind of hitting me at once, that this is how it's going to be. I got his first letter today, which was good. But I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed with all of this, and all of the time alone. Is this something you get used to?
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Yeah, tomorrow my boyfriend will be in basic for three weeks.. and its our 9 month anniversary too! It is very hard.. and I went from seeing him everyday to not seeing or talking at all too.. he lived with me for a month and a half before he left.. we haven't been together long either but I love him just as much as someone whose been together for over a year. Like futureharper said, its not something you get used to, you just deal with it.. ignore the feelings, and just try to make yourself busy. Write to him A LOT! Not only for him but for yourself, because that does help. It helps me.. stay strong!

Thanks both of you :) it helps a lot to know that there's people to talk to when no one here knows what I'm talking about, or they just tell me i'm too young, and I haven't been with him long enough. They just don't know how I feel, or think I'm crazy. Maybe I am crazy, but I know how i feel, and I love him. It's just hard, especially right now because we used to spend everyday together, and now he's halfway across the country.

I know how you feel, my boyfriend just left for basic too. I'm having a hard time, but it really has gotten easier to deal with. if you ever need to complain or vent, I'm in the same place, so I'm always here

I wouldn't say its something you get used too, but you learn how to deal with it. You find ways to keep your mind busy and off of the fact that he is gone. Go out with your friends! it may be hard at first, but it reallly helps. Find a new hobby or something similar. Anything that will keep you busy will help! And I'm here if you ever need to talk (: