Didn't Know If I Wanted To Share This...

... But I honestly don't know who else to talk to and it's been bothering me for quite some time.

So, my boyfriend has been gone for two months. He's deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. My boyfriend and I are basically married without a ring on my finger. We've been together for about a year and we love each other very much. We live together, share the same bank account, same phone plan, basically everything and we're doing fine.

... But, everyone thinks we're not gonna make it. Even his Sergeants. His Sergeants told him to cheat on me. They told him "We'll get you laid in Afghanistan. We'll make sure of that" cause they think I'm a selfish person and I just want him for his money when they have never met me or spoken one word to me. I saw one of his Sergeants that has been saying this stuff when I was with my boyfriend for some FRG meetings and his farewell ceremony and he has never once introduced himself to me or said hi to me.

I work too. I work my butt off. If I wanted his money, I would've spent it by now. My family gave me an ultimatum and told me to either move back in with my mom or lose all of them. I chose my boyfriend and I lost most of them. If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't have done that cause I was so close to my family. I love my boyfriend too much to lose him.

One of his Sergeants actually wanted to take my boyfriend's phone when they were at Fort Hood and call me up and "set me straight." I have no problem if they don't like me. I don't care about their opinions. I understand if they're looking out for him but what I care about is when they will actually help him cheat on me. That's not cool with me. They were willing to take him to a ***** club when they were in TX and buy him a lap dance.

I trust my boyfriend and I know he won't do anything, but here I am waiting for him and sometimes worried whether or not he will come home alive and now this? And from his Sergeants? Seriously.
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oh my god now that is even more stupid! I am so sorry that you have to go through this, it makes me feel so terrible because i have support from both sides.. I would never be able to imagine going through something like that. You are very strong.. Maybe you should go out to lunch or something with his sister and talk to her. Tell her everything you have been going through and tell her the story behind that picture. Ugh personally I would just wanna slap some sense into that girl, but you need her, and her family. I really suggest you talk to her. Its a good thing you are here! Cause whenever you need someone to talk to I am here. Just message me, I'm sure you can message any of the girls here. We are here to support each other :) stay strong<3

Unfortunately, I don't really have support from his family either. His sister and I had a fallout because she started getting on my case about a picture that I had on my facebook with one of my gay guy friends and one of my girlfriends where we went hiking and he had his arm around my shoulder. Nothing inappropriate. Stupid. Everyone took her side without even talking to me about it so they think the same thing. So basically all I have is me :(. <br />
<br />
I'm just here minding my own business and I honestly don't think I have done anything wrong and everyone is against me and I just don't understand it. It really frustrates me. That's more of the reason why I'm here. I don't really have anyone else to talk to.

that is crazy! i ahve never heard of something like that before.. my god if they will ever do that to my boyfriend when he gets out of basic i have no idea what i would do.. i'm so sorry about your family. They shouldn't have made you choose. They should support you with everything.. I am kinda surprised to hear something like this actually, either your boyfriend told the sergeants something you've done in the past that has made them hate you or they are just plain crazy, because I think you should not be their concern, don't they have other things to worry about? Reading this just made me pissed off about what you have to go through. Its horrible and I am so sorry that you have to be going through this with no support.. maybe you should talk to your boyfriends family maybe they will support you and give you advice or even just be there for you.

that has happened a lot to my husband and I. Before we were married and just engaged his gunny told him that I would cheat on him during deployment and that we would never last. Well, he's completely wrong, we're married now and more in love than ever. My husband just ignores comments like that because he's known me for 4 years and knows who exactly I am and what our relationship is, and it's for life. His gunny also gave him crap about the whole money thing, but i'm going for my master's degree and still working....and in the future will hopefully be making far more than my husband to support us. people just don't understand because they're jealous they haven't found a woman that is loyal and loves them. it's really all a jealousy thing. So don't sweat it, and best of luck with your deployment!!