Facebook Drama!

okay so a couple of days ago i was watching that movie jarhead right and i didnt get to finish watching the movie so i put something on facebook saying
i wanted to finish watching the movie because it's really good right ... well one of my friends who is in the army leaves a comment saying the movie was stupid and i just joked around with him saying he didnt know a good movie if it f***ed him in the a**. well my boyfriend left a comment saying that was funny what i put.. well then this other guy left a comment talking **** saying

"I saw Jarhead and it really did suck, I agree with John. Oh and aren't all these army guys supposed to be serving our country? Was are country's name changed to facebook?"

and then john "Appearently it did enrique Appearently it did"

so that made me mad, nobody is going to put our troops down i wont let that happen!
so i had to say something not just for my soldier but for yalls as well!
so this is what i put
"okay how about you put on a uniform and take your *** to iraq... and yesss they do serve our country and i think they should be able to be on facebook just as much as we are **** it's because of them that you even get to be on facebook. and... john you call your self a soldier ha ha funny! try and do what guys who are deployed do. so dont go and talk **** about our soldiers because you dont know ****! and yess i know you are in the army john but you have not yet been deployed so you still have no room to talk. i might not be a soldier but i am in love with one, and i know some other great guys who are serving as well. jarhead might be just a movie to you and me but to them it's life so if i were you i would just shut the **** up" 

so that guy replied back to me and said
"Actually Mark Zuckerberg is the reason why I am able to be on facebook. And I may not be deployed but I know ppl that have been so I can talk just like you can. Aren't they fighting for freedom of speech? you are hindering this. You call yourself in love with a soldier." 

then my brother wanted me to stop talking crap to this guy, so he put...

"hey enrique ummm dude this is isaiah, maybe you shouldn't ay anything if you have nothign good to say. pay no attention to chrisie. don't try to put my sister down because you have an opinion. just please walk away * turn your face* from the computer and find somethign more important to do than find ways to talk crap to my sister for no apparent reason plllleeeeeaaassseeeee thank you."

soi couldnt just drop it like that soi put.

"isaiah told me to let it go so i am but just so you know I AM IN LOVE WITH A SOLDIER! and i am A PROUD ARMY GIRLFRIEND! it takes a lot to do what those guys do for our country they don't get to live a normal life like we do... so when you put them down the way you did yesssss .... it's going to make me mad! enough said i'm done talking for the night. and like my brother said i just need to drop it! "

i thought that was the end of it but it wasnt because then john comes in saying
"Actually we are fighting to win the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan and all of the RC east province we are losing this war and we will continue to lose this war unless we stop being ignorant and understand these peoples cultur...e and religion to the afghan people we are viewed as arrogant and ignorant primitives who have no respect for others culture and way of life we are seen as invaders to them they have fought wars for as long as there country has been around and they have never lost to anyone chrisie I understand what your saying your right I'm not deployed but I know I will be soon and you say I don't know anything I actually know a lot more than you think I'm a MI trainee I have access to a crap load of TS and classified information and I actually study there history and culture because you live longer that way Iraq is a dead zone your BF is lucky he did not go to Afghan tthat's where all the real **** is happening I know your proud to be an army gf but don't try to talk like you know what's really going on cause you don't and I don't think your BF does either maybe he does Idk you have an idea of what's going on but there's more to it ALOT more to it so please don't ever doubt how much of a soldier I am because I know and understand way more than you and most people who are deployed and who has been deployed"

and before i could say anything to him my wonderful boyfriend comes to my defence :)
saying .....
"Hey mike dont you ever say **** to my gf again like you are big boy or somehting cuz YOUR NOT. Chrisie puts her love on the line every ******* day just like i do. Shes strong enough to be with me even though im halfway across the world kn...owing anything can ******* happen to me. Dont even begin to ******* tell me I dont know what the **** is going on. Do you know what I ******* do here?? I do ******* route clearance. That me... i ******* go out before any other convoys and look for IED"S and any enemy threats so that the convoys and civilians of iarq can travel them saftely. I ****** go out and risk my life every ******* day. You have no idea what its like to get BLOWN THE **** UP or get ambushed. I bet you dont know what its like to be up for ****** 3 days straight, and work all gahd damn hours of the night and day, or going on ****** 14 hour missions, or getting stuck out in sector. You think this is a dead zone, but its not, theres still **** over here, and people have died since i have been here. Ill admit its not as bad as it used to be, but theres still **** going on, theres always **** gonna be going on. You talk like you know ****, but you really dont. And it doesnt matter what the **** you know or think, cuz you know why?? YOU HAVE DO WHAT THE **** YOUR TOLD!!! so it doesnt ****** matter what you say you know. I swear i would smoke the **** out of you if i saw you, but im better than iggnorant soldiers who havent even deployed yet. I bet your a gahd damn fobbit. "

then john put :
"Okay your a 21 bravo you do route clearence and blow **** up I know full well what a CE does I have plenty of battles who are CEs I actually thought about doing it myself but instead I went Intel but if it makes you feel better about yourse...lf I didn't graduate the course so now I have no clue where I'm going next probably what I wanted eto do 19D or 11B Idk it all depends on what the army needs as for you and iraq I respect what you do everyday and your right I don't know what its like to Do any of what you do but I will someday or maybe I won't who knows and your right about being told what to do you listen to your leaders they will keep you alive just because I have not lived the real deal does not mean I haven't been through continues training for it but its not real I got it and the only reason I said Iraq is dead zone is because I see The news here everyday being a Intel trainee all I see is afghan not Iraq I know people still die and get killed there I read reports about it and see it on the news the reason why I said deadzone is because we are no longer focusing our attention on Iraq because we don't need to there's not much to look at there I'm not saying completely clear out bit everythings happening in afghan thats all I meant as you smoking me your combat arms they rank up pretty quick I'm guessing your either a specialist or a young E5 which is good I hope to make that someday we are all both heated about this topic so let's just drop it if I meant wrong I'n any way I appologize but I'm entitled to my opinion just like. Everyone else is you be safe and come home in one piece to Chrisie she's a good girl"

then my boyfriend put :
"Thank you john. I appreciate it. And just keep your head up high and you will make it far"

okay so i didnt mean to start all this ... i just hated the fact that someone was putting down our guys and
when i thought someone who is in the army was putting them down as well made me even more mad
i'm really not one to start stuff .. but sam and i were arguing when all this was happening and i saw that even when we
are mad at each other we will not let someone talk crap about one or the other. but i really hope stuff like this doesnt happen again
i know this is long but i wanted to share this with you wonderful ladies. and i was not just focousing on just soldiers who are deployed i
was talking about all military because in the end its the same! they have a hard life as do we because we worry day in and day out
basic/ ait/ deployment ... it's all hard and nobody is going to understand what our soldiers go through or what we go through
we are not just strong we are ARMY STRONG !!!!! <3
i love my spc. soon to be E5 (:

SpcGomez8409 SpcGomez8409
18-21, F
Aug 9, 2010