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Well I got the phone call that I thought would be at the end of the month. My boyfriend called me while I was at work he said baby today's the day and as soon as he said that I cried and I felt lonely cause none of my friends understand what I'm going threw they all think I'm nuts for dating a man in the army being deployed. But I'm in love with him I never told him how I felt until he said I gotta tell you something and I said what is it he said I'm in love with you and you needed to know I hve never smiled while crying. He sais I love you I said I love you too then he had to go. After we hung up he sent me a long txt message thanking me for doing this with him. He felt bad though he promised to come to all my soccer games but he won't be there but he'll be with me in spirit while I'm playing. I need to get my mind off of thinking we wot be able to talk for awhile due to what he is doing. Is there anything I can do to try and keep my mind off of him?
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Hello, I'm soon to be in the same boat. I'm very nervous and scared about everything... if you need anything you can also send me a message!!

Stay strong girl. If yah ever need to talk, feel free to send me a message.