Deployment, You Were Already To Close...

Well I thought deployment was too close already, it was moved up four days sooner then we thought. Thats one thing I hate about the Army they can just take days away like they were nothing. My Soldier however looked at it and showed me a positive side, he said, "hunny, the four days sooner I leave, means the four days sooner I come home to you."  He always knows the right thing to say to make me feel better, thats one of my favorite things about him, he always knows how to show me the light when all I see is the dark. We had so many plans for those four days, visit some family, do some last minute stuff he wont get to do while hes away like bowling (he is so determined to beat me), and spend those last few nights alone. So now we must reconfigure our plan, which I am sure wont be to bad, all that really matters to me is getting every minute I can with him. I am sure alot of you have gone through something like this before, the Army changing your plans for you some way or another and I guess all we can really do is take what they throw at us, find the light in the dark, and hope it makes us stronger.

Stay Strong and Stay Proud Ladies! 
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I know how you feel, my boyfriend was supposed to deploy on August 2nd. He called me on July 27th, and told me he was leaving the next day. I broke down in the middle of the gas station I was standing in. But like he said, that's 5 days earlier that he will be home.

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!<br />
i hate that about the army too! <br />
they changed my boyfriends leave date so many times first it was april 15th <br />
then april 4th then back to april 15th then april 20th ahhh i thought i was gonna go crazyyyyy!!!!<br />
but he made it home and i was super happy! so nowi am waiting for him to come home again but this time he doesnt have to go back to Iraq just Georgia but i will take what i can get! <br />
i have learned to just deal with the changes! where is your soldier being deployed?