Deployment? Questions.

Hey girls. I just have a few questions about how your guys were acting before they deployed. Bryan is setting up here to deploy in the fall. Well, lately we have been getting into petty little stupid arguments. Like me rushing him off the phone, or I don't know. Honestly, it is really stupid. I was just wondering if any of your guys got moody or anything before deploying. I'm wondering if his deploying soon is stressing him out and making him cranky... Any advice is welcome! Thanks so much girls.
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Thanks so much girls for your advice. It's just got me stressed and worried lately. :/

My Soldier also deploys this Fall and I am with you 100%, him and I are always getting into those fights over little things you may have said or the way you may react and he gets upset sorta thing. The only thing that I can think of is that they have so many emotions going on with them right now, that any thing may set them off to have a little freak out, which then turns into an argument. One thing I think we have to do as their girlfriends is to just somtimes let it go and dont drag on the argument, and just keep reminding them that we love them, we will always be here for them, and that we are so proud to be the girls standing beside them.

my fiance deploys in march and even with it being pretty far away, he gets scared and cranky. they just get stressed out. you just need to remind him that you love him and no matter what he will always have you.

my fiance has been acting very calm about everything, since he's been there before... long story... but today i think it's hitting him that its a 99% chance he is going... and less than a month!! he's just acting really down, and sad. i'm just trying to bring up his spirits but trying to make him laugh. i send him silly texts, and emails everyday just so he always knows i'm there for him. no matter what happens!! hope this helps! :D

same here. my fiance and i kept getting into the stupid little arguements. there was a book that kinda tells you the steps of a deployment before, during, and after and kinda helps you through it. I read an excerpt from it and it seemed pretty interesting. only bad thing though is i forgot what it was called :(. lol sorry!

i think it's normal... my boyfriend was like that when he was about to deploy <br />
and now he's getting cranky because he is ready to come home already! just try and keep his head up and let him know you are there for him!