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Hey everyone,

My name is Lauren and im engaged to a man named, Jeremy. We have been engaged for almost 4 months now, its absolutely fantastic except one little thing.... He may have to go to Iraq in less than a month. We already are living a long distance relationship, I live in Indiana and he is in South Carolina.

Before we were together, or even met, he was married and was deployed multiple times overseas. But now they are divorced, and me and him are engaged now.. 2 years after the divorce. He just got out of the Air Force in.. May. But now they want him back for Iraq.

I'm just really scared for the safety of him, he says everything will be okay... knock on wood.... It's been emotionally draining on me. I cry every night thinking about not being able to have full contact with him, any time I want... ever since we started dating, we haven't gone 1 day without talking.

I just need to know if there are any tips about how to emotionally get used to him being gone for that long. Or if there is anyone I can keep in contact with to just help through this... This is totally new to me. :(


Love, Lauren
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I'm in Indiana too! <br />
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You should check out this story: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> Some of these tips might apply to your situation. I don't think there's a perfect way to emotionally prepare yourself. Just enjoy the time you have with him now. There are a lot of web pages giving advice like that (and probably a lot better advice than mine). Another good thing is to get on this website a lot. The girls here are all really nice and helpful.