What To Wear?!?!

Howdy Ladies! :)

Sooooo as most of you may know My fiance will be home from Afghanistan next week!!! :) Yes yes after a long year deployment he's finally coming back to me! 

Now here is my question... im not sure where we will be picking him up (his mother & myself)
but if it happens that we pick him up on base should i be concerned about my attire?
I planned on wearing a long white skirt with A deep blue blouse & a cute pair of shoes...
any comments? id really appreciate it!! :)

nat21armygf nat21armygf
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

thanks girls that helps! :) <br />
i bought 2 dresses and one is a little more dressy than the other. <br />
But my bff told me to wear the dressy one and my mom says to wear the other one lol<br />
but i still dont know! aaahhhh but i like the one my mom chose just cuz its more casual and its really cute and i can dress it up with accesories

Based on one year apart i would dress sexy but if his parents are around and they are conservative it would be hard.1 year apart and you should care what others think,i think not.Dress the way you like,i don't know what his parents are like but i'm sure they will live past you dressing sexy. Im also sure he will like it based on seeing his ONE AND ONLY .Make yourself happy and think as well upon what he likes.Hope this helps,just my opinion not fact