Missing My Soldier

my fiance is currently stationed in Baumholder Germany. And im stuck in Wa.! since this is my first post and im new on here ill kind of fill you guys in. Alex is my fiance and we have been best friends for awhile. we always had feelings for eachother but never told the other because we were best friends and didnt think the other would feel the same way. He was dating a girl named Jordan whos a total b**** and im not just saying that because its his ex. when we were best friends he would tell me how she cheated on him and all the messed up things she did to him. it just really ticked me off because for one hes my best friend and i HATED seeing him hurt and two. well i loved him. mean while i was dating a guy that id been dating for three years. my highschool sweetheart who was a royal a** and cheated on me. he goes to college and he kept breaking up with me while he was there and for breaks when he was home he would want to get back together. i was just being used but yet i couldnt give it up because ii felt like i shouldnt waste those years and Alex didnt want me anyways (or so i thought) well before alex left for basic we would alwayss call eachother late at night and vent. then before he left we went on a trip and we didnt know where we wanted to go so we just drove. we ended up in a small town called lynden. he was so sweet. he paid for the hotel then was going to sleep on the floor ( by this time we were both single) well him on the foor was not what i wanted! so i told him, hey dork its okay to sleep next to me! haha. as the night when on we were just laying there talking and i kept slowly scooting closer to him and finally he kissed me!!!! we ended up having s** and then the next morning we left. i had no idea what to do or how to act. this was my best friend!!!!!!! then a few days later he went to basic.. we would always write and it would be really flirty and sweet and how we were best friends and he missed me more then anyone. then one night when he had phone privalges he told me he was inlove with me!!!! i told him i felt the same. weve been together since. im so lucky to have him as my fiance and best friend. so when he came back after basic we spent the entire two weeks together and even went to lynden again :) we got engaged and then he left and is currently in germany. we are getting married december 19th 2010 and im so excited. but i really really miss him. thank god for skype. anyways, i guess i just started this because all of you can relate to me like no one else. its so hard here without him and i dont know what to do. i guess i just need another army wife to talk to from time to time! someone to trade stories with and help me cope with him being gone and i could help them as well too. just a support team i suppose! anyone down?? thanks for listening.
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oh my gosh your story is so cute! I love it. You two seem perfect for each other! Me and my boyfriend were best friends before we started dating as well! And were both in horrible relationships and getting cheated on and that helped us come together. It is hard being away but you<br />
learn to never take time together forgranted.

melissa take the comment down about when i deploy

holy cow!! when he gets there i should have my fiance meet him. its nice when you have someone in the same situation as you because when he first got there the guys around him knew he is engaged and tried getting him to go buy girls anyways and their excuse was "dude, shes all the way across the world" he was so sweet, he basically told them to eff off because he has a girl worth waiting for! but i know what you mean about the quitting and leaving thing. i was going to quit my job. and i have a pretty good job that i can get pretty high in real quick but i dont care. all i care about is being with my fiance. people give me crap for it all the time but they dont understand because they arent in my situation. but when you talk to your boyfriend about that just tell him if you dont go after hes done with deployment he gets to come back to the states but if you do go then he will have to stay in germany for the rest of his contract. how long is his contract anyways?

thank you!! you too! its so nice to have someone to talk to who can relate!!! so if you dont mind my asking whats the deal with you and your boyfriend, wheres he stationed :) im so thankful to have girls to talk to who understand! thank you sooo much!

thank you so much! ive just been reading stories on here for hours and it helps so much to know that im not the only girl who feels this pain. some days it just gets unbelievably hard.

Definitely down to help be support for you! Sometimes this website helps more than talking to my loved ones because the girls on here are going through the same thing as me and can help answer my questions.