Our Song

I was just wondering if you and your Soldier have a song? If you do what is it?
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Smile--he would sing it to me in the car <br />
My Phone Rings Give me that Girl when he calls, he loves the just woke up look <br />
His Phone Rings I dont want to miss a thing

love story- taylor swift :]

Good songs.

Tennessee by The Wreckers, it's been our song for 3 years now bc I've lived in TN & him in AR now he's in OK and we still feel the same.

we actually have a looot of songs. we both have a playlist on our itunes that have about 40 songs on it. some of them aree:<br />
<br />
More Than You'll Ever Know--Travis Tritt<br />
I'll Be--Edwin McCain<br />
Long Distance--Bruno Mars

Oh and I can't take my eyes off you by Lady Antebellum makes me think of him also.

my best friend - tim mcgraw <333

Teenage Dream is a really good song. The Righeous Brothers good song. And Kenny Chesney Me and you made me want to cry.

Me and You by Kenny Chesney <3 :)

Well the new Katy perry one, teenage dream, kind of fits our relationship...idk if its our song but as soon as Iheard the lyrics I sent them to him

Those are all good songs. :) mines Bubbly by Colbie Caliah.

dont wanna miss a thing- aerosmith :)