A Tough Morning..

i hate those days when yoou wake up and your instantly sad. its like that today.. its not even 9. i woke up to a message from my soldier and he sent me lyrics to the song gotta be somebody by nickleback. its so frustrating.. all i want is to be with him! wake up next to him every morning, fall asleep next to him every night. kiss him when i come home from work. its just so unfair!!! theres so many people out there who get all of this and take it for granted! one good thing that came from my baby being in the army is that i learned how amazing he is and there will NEVER be a day i take him for granted. there will never be a day i dont tell him how completely inlove with him i am. im so lucky to have him. today is just one of those really hard days when i dont even want to get out of bed. i just want to lay here and cry. i need my soldier home :(
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My boyfriend deployed 2 weeks ago, so I've definitely had those days. Just remember he wants to be able to do those things too. And on those days, grab some friends and relax, remember that you are strong enough to do this.

I understand that feeling, I get that a lot when I've had a bad night at work or something. I'll tell you what letters have never been so special to me, and this is just from him being in basic, I know if he ever gets deployed it'll be harder.

hisbabygurl52: i know girly! its so hard somtimes. but we all just gotta stick together. im so glad i found this website!<br />
kylesgrl92: isnt it amazing how you just learn how important and precious every second?

i'm having one of those days too. i havent left my room for more than ten minutes =/

Haha. True. :) At least we aren't alone in our bad morning. I'm sorry you have to look at wedding pictures of military families all day. :/ Thats hard. Feel free to message me if you need to vent!

yeah i know how that goes. so me.. i gotta go to work and im training in the photo department and i get to see wedding pictures alllll day! believe it or not most of them are with military men too. it just makes it hard. im sorry your stuck by yourself today. sometimes those days are the best though. sometimes i just need to go shopping or go for a walk by myself to just think and mope on my own ya know? im sorry your having a bad morning to but at least we are in it together :)

I'm having one of those days too girl. :/ I'm sorry. And to top it off I'm stuck at home alone cleaning the house! Its just nice having family around sometimes because my mind will get distracted for a few seconds at a time.