Sooo basic has now been put off for another month due to some issues but i'm starting to think s*** happens for a reason and this will allow me to see my soldier come home =D I wasn't sure before if I wanted to see him because it would make leaving so much harder but now I'm actually excited. I missed him so much the past 8 months that I can deal with waiting another month for my career to start if it means I get to spend even a few days with him. fingers crossed that he doesn't get delayed as well =)
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I joined the Air Force and he comes home in about 3 weeks and I should leave in about a month so it's tight but I'm praying it all works out =) thank youuu and don't be jealous they all come home eventually just have to make it through the waiting =).

that is so awesome! im jealous :)

so your going into the army as well?<br />
thats really cool! and when does your soldier come home?<br />
i'm really happy for you congrats! (:

clarification....I'm the one going to basic not him he is deployed =)