Jessica & Pfc Dustin Smith <3

I first met Dustin our junior year of high school. I remember the first time i saw him was the first day of school. I thought he was really cute. Normally i would sit far away from the guys i thought were cute to save myself from any future embarrasment, but instead I sat right next to Cathy ended up being the one more fed up with it than me! She budged it out of him at luch one day. "do you like her and want to date her?" Cathy had said. "Yes I do" Dustin said. "Do you like him and want to date him" Cathy said to me. "yes I do." I said. "Alright now youre dating!" And we have been dating ever since. 1 year and 10 months later, hes off to AIT training for 10 weeks. I thought basic was bad, but it wasnt. When he went to basic i was barely spending time with him because he had an over-controlling step mom (out of the picture now). Well hes been living with me for the past almost 11 months now. So i am sooo used to spending ALL of my time with him. I hate this!! And its only the beginning. But I am a Strong Army Girlfriend! And i know i will pull this through...I plan on spending the rest of my life with him. And that means i am by his side EVERY sep of the way, no matter how hard. And he just happens to be my very first boyfriend. Normally it takes 3 toads to kiss and find your prince charming. I only kissed one and found my Soldier!!

Come what may, I will love you until the end of time.

Army Strong.....Girlfriend!
ilovePFCdustinsmith ilovePFCdustinsmith
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2010