Share Ur Homecoming Stories!

My fiance will be home and back in my arms in less than 7 days!!! :)
Yes after a year long deployment to Afghanistan he's finally coming home!!
I have no idea how im gonna react when i see him.. probably cry alot! lol
When i picked him up for R&R at the airport in January i was actually sitting in the airport texting my cousin
and telling her how nervous i was and it was taking forever for them to unboard the plane and the next thing i knew
i looked up and there he was walking towards me in his uniform with the biggest smile on my face!
i tossed my phone in my purse and just walked up to him, hugged him for what seemed like forever & i didnt want to let go! lol
it was early morning probably around 9 or 10am so there werent many people in the airport yet.
But the people who did see just stared & smiled :)
i cried a little bit but i guess i was just so happy all i could do was smile & giggle
he had been gone for 4 months before then.
Now he has been gone for 6 months and ill finally be seeing him again!
Im watching videos on Youtube of Military homecomings and just crying cuz i cant wait to experience that all over again!!

So ladies here is your chance to share your story of homecoming.
If it is your soldier coming home from basic, ait, r&r, deployment, etc. id love to hear more stories!

nat21armygf nat21armygf
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I have about 9 days until he comes home!!! Another wife, whos husband is coming home as well from afghanistan with mine, will be with me and our whole families!!!! I have been racking my brain with homecoming ideas.... I already made a shirt to wear. I dont think i will do a sign... but i am getting the house in order (a deep clean). I am soooo DARN excited i cant hardly contain myself. Since he will be home for good... i wont be taking but maybe one day off from work to pick him up at the airport. We dont live near any ba<x>ses - and since his unit is coming home in stages, there wont be a yellow ribbon event until 2 months later. Odd. Oh well. But i am just sooo exstatic!!!! :))))) Im not much of a cook.. but i am going to attempt a good meal for him....and a back rub. :)

Aw that's so awesome nat21armygf. My man is just in basic right now and that's hard enough, but I understand the excitement. My dad is in the air force and even when he came back (my dad's my best friend) I cried. But congrats on your soldier coming home! Keep us updated!