2 Weeks Left.

The boyfriend leaves on August 30 for BCT. I can't believe time just flew  by so quickly! The tears are starting already at just the thought of him leaving. No more late night calls. No more "hey im coming over your house" type of things. No more kisses. No more cuddling. :( Makes me really sad  but I know he's so excited to start his new life.
I'm excited to start mines too, which involves moving out and into my new apartment, but I wish he'd be here with me. So selfish of me, I know.

But I called off his last week here from work and I have no school so that will be our week together. He's going to help me organize my apartment before school starts. :) He's pretty amazing.

Anyways I wanted to get him a going away present, but I don't know what to get him.
I suck at being creative.
Any ideas?

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4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

thanks for the advice:D<br />
and im so happy/excited for you. i can only imagine the feeling.<br />
and i will write him alot for sure:)<br />
hopefully time does fly by quick during those weeks.

aww thanks you guys for thinking my key chain idea was a good one. they are only like 20 dollars! cheap..<br />
& i bought him a journal thats a hardcover and has a picture of a vintage camera on it. he loves photography. now to get his family to write on it. i wonder how i can be sneaky lol his friends will be easy to get though:)<br />
& i hope he gets to take the journal. & the keychain he can keep once hes out of basic:)<br />
<br />
& the necklace is so cute. i love it!! :) <br />
<br />
oh & stationary box idea is brilliant:) i'm going to have to find him one.<br />
<br />
gah 2 more weeks and my man is gone.<br />
im getting nervous.

I think he'll love the digital photo key chain thing, although I'm not sure if he's aloud to have it during basic.. I wish I thought of the stationary box idea! That was so smart. But I also did throw him a surprise going away party, and I got him a necklace with The army eagle on the front and on the back it has St michael and says St. Michael please protect me. He loved it, he said it was perfect. He couldn't wear though of course cause they aren't aloud in basic but yeah.. :)

aww thats so cute:)<br />
i love the whole stationary box idea:) i might have to steal that. :)<br />
that way its easy for him to write me:)<br />
& the journal too. i could get his friends/family to write down something:)<br />
they are allowed to have stuff like that at basic right?? <br />
<br />
but i did get him a digital photo fr<x>ame key chain and i plan to put pictures of us:) haha its lame but hopefully he'll like it.