The Begining

   Me and my soldier met in the middle of 10th grade,English class, i had just moved from a different city and everything was new. My soldier, Sean, came to me rescue. He started talking to me like i wasn't the new person at all, but like we've been friends from a long time. After 10th grade english me and Sean didn't have a class till the last 18 weeks of our senior year, another english class. But we would still talk to each everytime we seen each other. 
   In our senior english class, he sat on the other side of the room and we could never talk because the teacher always kept us busy. But the last 9 weeks Sean got a new seat and it was right in front of me. i would notice how i would get those butterflies when he even glance my way. We would talk, and we would get caught. During the last week of school, was when Sean and i really started talking. Wednesday,There was just 3 days left of school. but there was a week before our graduation, and he still hadn't asked me for my number, so me being me i push and i wrote my number on a piece of paper and quietly passed him the note. After school i got a text from him and we talked all the time. That friday he went to a party, and drank some, okay A LOT, and when he was drunk he texted me saying that he was, so me being sneaky,(haha) here this is how it went

Sean: hiya lexi, im drunky

(no one has called me lexi until him, my full name is just to long)

Me: hi sean lol tsk tsk shame on you

Sean: i no i no

Me: so um since ur drunk and all does that mean i get to take advantage of u and ask u questions

Sean: yup

Me: and u'll tell me the truth??


Me:yes!! okay have u ever wanted to say something to me but haven't

Sean: yesss

Me: well what is it?

Sean: that ur hotttt and i've liked u since 10th grade

Me:haha yeah ur drunk lol

  I never got a reply but at 12 i got a call from him staying that he had called his parents to come get him and that he just wanted to call and tell me that he was fine. The fallowing day, Sean said that we need to hang out so. but i had already planned to go to the mall with my aunt, which shes crazy, she has to xplain everything into detail,  I MEAN EVERYTHING. I told Sean this, well he and his friend Bobby were at the mall and that they would come save me. And they did. all we did was walk around the mall. But it got really awkward, we were walking toward Spencer's and his ex is right there, walking toward us, once we see each other we all make a shape turn going in different directoins, I just fallowed Sean. Bobby runs off to go talk to Sean's ex, Frankie(yes a girl), so me and sean are walking and we see some of his other friends and they start talkin, now i dont know these people, so i just say quiet, and look around me, i seen  Frankie coming toward us and right when she sees us she turns. Nowi have nothing against this girl.I've actually talked to him before. Sean says bye to his friends and we keep walking. Frankie sees us again and turns the other way. but Bobby comes over to us and tells me that Frankie is scared of me. I'm the nicest person ever, really i cant say mean things to people unless the do something really bad to me. Well i get a call from my aunt saying that shes ready to go. so i say bye to Sean and Bobby. Sean texts me later that night and says that we should hang out again so i suggested to movies. So what do i think, i think it as a date then all of sudden he ask me if Bobby can come. My plans ruined. i said sure and said that i'll bring whitney.
  Sunday, we meet up and see the movies, i think they planned how we sat though, Me, Sean, Whitney,then Bobby. Anyways after the movies its really late and me, sean and whitney had graduation rehersal the next day. we say bye and goodnight.
  Monday, at graduation rehersal me and whitney walk into the lunchroom. Sean runs over and bascially drags me and whitney to his table, with all his friends, im stuck because i dont wanna be mena and leave so i stay there. Me and Whitney jus sit there and talk while Sean its and talks to his friends. Well all of sudden Sean hands me his phone and shows me a text:

 Frankie: U ditched me for her. thanks i thought we we're friends i thought u loved me.
Frankie: i cant believe u advoided me saturday at the mall. well just so u kno im not goin to be there waiting when u get back.

I look around for her and she at the end of our table with her friends and all her friends and he give me evil glares. now me and Sean hadn't started going out. because he told me that he wanted to ask me out but since he was going into the army, he didnt want to have a short relationship. Well me and sean decided to hang out, welli didnt have a ride and since i didnt haveanything to do we hung out at his house, right away his mom and i start talking. I got a text from Sean and hes sitting right next to me, just saying hi. Hes funny like that. i text him back and we did that for about half and hour. Well weresitting on the couch and i just drop my hands next to me and he did the same and well our hands linked, and im sitting there confused talkin to his mom, and his brother.

Me: what are we? realtionship wise?

Sean: huh??

Me: umm, are we just or swomething more?

Sean: yes

Me: what does that mean... pick one!!

Sean: um gf &bf

And thats how we started going out. By the way everyone Sean is the type of guy that opens every door for me, house, car, a true gentlemen. well he had to go to work so Sean, his Friend Chris, and i get in the car. Chris calls out Shotgun. Sean just looked at him and said "your a funny little man, get in the back" i felt amazing.

Now i know he knew all about him goin into the Army. but i'll save the rest for later.

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Aug 13, 2010