I am starting to become impatient! Waiting for the mail to come is killing me! Its taking incredibly long today.. I am definately going crazy lol. Every half hour I've been looking outside to see if the little flag I put up on my mail box is down, that way I know the mail lady has came and took my letters that I am trying to send out! And also that way I can check and see if I have a letter for myself! The antisipation is driving me crazy. Do any of you girls ever feel this way?
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Haha thats funny. It was weird cause, the first week he was gone I was waiting for my sister to call me to tell me I had a letter (I was out of town) and she didn't.. and one saturday, when I was traveling back home, I had this gut feeling that I had a letter. I got home really late that day, so Sunday morning when I went to check the mail, I HAD ONE!! Haha. It was the greatest feeling ever. I'm hoping I have another one today. I never ended up getting one yesterday :(

this is the story of my life. every day i keep walking out to the mailbox to see if anythings there, and when theres not i get upset, but i try to not get my hopes up about there being a letter in the mail, and usually when i think theres not, there is :]

I feel the same girl :) My mail comes in the morning and its like my body knows when it comes becasue I wake up around the same time it comes. I also look out the door to see the mailman. So definately not alone.

Yeah omg sundays suck! And I check multiple times a day too haha. I feel like a freak sometimes but whatever I'm so desperate to hear from him, to make sure he's okay!! haha. I hope you get a letter soon ,kylesgrl92! <br />
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knemstoke11, your mailman is mean haha. I would hate that.. but I don't wanna stock my mail lady, she looks kinda mean haha.

I totally feel ya. I work M-F 830-530 & i've started taking my lunch at 200 bc that's when my mail comes and the day goes so slow till then. Like i've litterally STOCKED my mailman (I live in apts so it takes him a while to get to my mail) just to get my letters and he's noticed that & he'll put like all my mail but my letters from Eli and he'll watch me get all sad. Then i'll recheck my mail when i get home at 530 and like magic the letters from Eli are in there : )