So my boyfriend comes home from Boot Camp in a week and i'm scared. I'm afraid that he changed. I don't want this guy that i've fallen inlove with to change. I have been worried about this since before he left for Boot Camp. I told him that I was scared that he would change and he assured me that there would only be good changes. He was also scared about me changing and so we promised we would only change if it was good change. He sounds the same on the phone and in the letters he writes about but I will only know if he's changed when I hang out with him for the first time in 3 months. I know that I have stayed the same except for falling more inlove with him. I don't know if this is just a normal thing or if I'm alone?

 Is this normal to feel scared?
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you have nothing to worry about. he will just learn not to take you for granted! which is awesome! youll be fine :)

At first I though the same exact thing as you do, and to tell you the truth, your boyfriend probably has changed. But he's probably changed to be more mature, and to not care about the little things. He's grown up now. He's a soldier :) And like nikkistemm said, he is most likely more in love with you than ever. He's been through a lot, and I know that he is very appreciative of the fact that you stuck with him through it all. That you supported and loved him. Which is what every soldier needs. My boyfriend has been in basic for a little over three weeks, and I know he hasn't changed to much. He's growing up though, that I know. But I know his love for me won't lessen. Just keep confident! Bad thoughts only make you paranoid. Stay strong! I hope you have a great time with your boyfriend when he comes home! :D

Thanks. :)

my boyfriend's been at basic for two weeks and thats my biggest fear, that he's changed and it might change our relationship, so it's deff normal to feel that way. Everyone told me, if anything he'll be more in love with you than when he left. so don't worry, things will all work out and we're all in the same boat and here for you.