My boyfriend David is supposed to call tomorrow. I can't wait, I have so much to tell him. I just hope today goes by quick. This will be the last call probably until next week when he graduates from Basic training. :) I can't wait only 7 days to go :))
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Lol. Girll don't worry I sometimes cry about seeing him its just you've missed him so much. Does he come home this month? And he's at Ft Sill Oklahoma.

aww yay im so happy for you, he is almost done. mine called today but he doesnt graduate till the 26th and i cant wait to see him. omg im such a big baby im crying just thinking about it lol. where is your boyfriend at?

Probably the day after. :)

Oh man.. well how soon after graduation is he coming home?

I know. I don't think he knows yet. He's going to be so disappointed. :(

Aww I'm sorry! That seriously sucks :(

:( No, the van they were gonna take to get him broke down and its too expensive to get it fixed :(

Are you going to his graduation? Ugh I cannot wait til November! Thats when my boyfriend graduates :D And its also when our year anniversary is! So a lot is happening in Novemberr. Haha. I'm happy for you!! I want a phone call so bad :(