Almost Gone

Hey girls i need some(lots) of support. My boy friend leaves tuesday for basic training! he is my everything. i cry everynight cause i dont want to leave him. No one but you guys know how it is and truly understants what we go through. I feel like i have no one to talk to. so if anyone would like to talk to me ever email me i would love to talk to someone who understands and can help. thanks(:
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tabbie is right. before my soldier left i was a mess just like you. i cried all the time and was dreading the day he would leave. and the day he left was horrible. there is no way it wont be. and yeah the first two weeks are probably the hardest because you are used to him being there all the time and talking to him all the day and now hes gone. but... it will get easier. i promise. everyone told me that too and i didnt believe them. but it does. the letters he will send you will help you get by. and really cherish the phone calls on sundays. they give me hope to keep going and stay strong for another week. you will have hard days where you dont want to do anything and just want to give up but you cant. you have to stay strong for your soldier. and like the other girls said write him letters every day if you can. not only will it help him get through basic (because my soldier said the same thing that he depends on my letters to help him get through) but it will also help you. it will help make you feel a little better. and also try to stay busy like everyone else said. it does help. hang out with friends if you can, go to movies, get a hobby, anything. im actually doing the same thing as tabbie... i gave myself a goal to eat healthier and get in better shape, exercise really helps. it relieves the stress and makes you feel accomplished about something. and we are always here to help you. the girls on here are so helpful and supportive.<br />
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sorry for such a long comment but i just went through the same thing and thought i would tell you what works best for me. stay strong girl and spend every second you can with him until he is gone. never take the time you have with him for granted. if you need any more help or just want to talk you can message me anytime :) good luck girl

It will be hard but as everybody else it saying, do keep busy. It's helps so much to get your mind off him being gone, and it makes time go by faster! Write to him everyday and make sure he knows you'll always be right there beside him. Cherish every phone call. I think the first 2 weeks are the hardest. My fiance left on June 29th at 11:30 I said goodbye to him and that whole day I felt moody, I was angry, upset, frustrated, just every emotion you can think of. I feelt physically sickt o my stomach but you just need to stay strong and keep your mind busy. Make a goal for yourself, my goal was to loose 10 pounds before I saw him last and I've kept to my goal, the past 2 months I think I've lost about 7 pounds.. I have 13 days to complete my goal. But anyway, I wont tell you this is easy and you'll fly by, it isnt easy, you'll have days where you feel like you can't get by them but stay strong, keep busy and time really will go by faster than you think. Good luck to you both! If you need anything, message me! :)

Thank you girls! It helped a lot. I thought i was alone until i found this page. But now i know im now a lone at all...The last week is the hardest by far!

Keep your head up. It's very hard. My guy is leaving for Afghanistan for an entire year so I feel you. Im really focusing on staying busy and being supportive of him no matter what. Loyalty is soo important to them so just stay strong. Dont get depressed. The girls on here are incredibely supportive and they will really help you because we are all feeling the exact same way you are.

Hey. I know how you feel...especially the last week before he leaves. My boyfriend left June 30th. Right now, my best advice for you is to support him and just always be telling him how much you love and support him. I had a friend who wasn't very supportive and just complained about her boyfriend leaving, and they ended up breaking up. I never stop telling Troy how proud I am of him and how much I love him...and we're getting married in December. Constantly let him know that you'll be with him every step of the way and that you're SO proud of him. I know its hard...believe me, I do. But I discovered right off the back that being miserable is just gonna make the time pass that much slower. Spend every moment with him that you can right now...don't take any of your time for granted. And when he leaves, write him every day...that'll be his lifesaver. Troy has told me countless times how getting letters from me every day is what has helped him the most. And just keep busy...always be doing something to occupy your mind. Thats about all the advice I have for now. Hope it helps :)