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Today is my last day with my boy friend. the tears have been coming down but i know its for the good. I need to stay strong. hopefully school will take my mind off of him being gone. i cant wait till this is over
lauren34 lauren34 16-17, F 8 Responses Aug 30, 2010

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What did your soldier leave for bct?

It's true! but also you guys are lucky that you get support from the family!

I've been addicted to this since my soldier left. I hardly even get on facebook anymore!! I know exactly how you feel, I went through the same thing a week ago. I was crying infront of his whole family hours before he left! But I promise that the tears will go away soon. It's such a difficult experience, but it will make your relationship so much stronger. Not many relationships go through what we're all going through, so know that we are learning so much more than any other couple. Stay strong!

I completely agree lauren! it does help to get on here!

Thanks guy! a really appreciate it. I love coming on here. i dont feel alone. (:

Thanks guy! a really appreciate it. I love coming on here. i dont feel alone. (:

I completely agree with tabbie! because im not working or have school! i'm making magic in the air to keep myself busy! it's not easy! if you ever want to talk just msg me okay :)

Good thing is you have school. When my soldier left in June, I had nothing to keep me busy.. no school.. nothing :/ Just stay busy and it'll be easier after the first 2 weeks :) Stay Strong!