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Really Need Him Now

Things just seem to be getting worse around here the only thing thats going right is me and my soldier. My mom tells me i have to move out which totaly sucks so that mean im going to have to find a place to live, a day care, and a job. Im so stressed its crazy, the only good part of my day is at night when i get to actualy spend time with my daughter and talk to my soldier. My depression is starting to kick in again to the point that i just snap when i get frustrated. I hate being like this and my soldier has noticed the change. We both agree that i should get back on my meds before i end up hurting myself or others. i have flashbacks of stuff that happened in my past that seem so real that it scares me and i hardly remember it happening. The only person that seems to keep me sane is my soldier and i really wish he was here. I miss him so much it lirteraly hurts
MrsCombes1611 MrsCombes1611 18-21, F Sep 2, 2010

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