So Sad :(

hey so sad i  havent heard from my hunnie in a month..i hate this ive gotten 2 emails in the past 3 drives me crazy..i dont know how he is, i worry so much about him and i cant do anythig about it. i mean i know he cant write as much as id want him to but 2 emails only..thats crazy im in tears so many nights thinking about him..i miss him so much. i wish he would just come home already..i need 15 months to go and although im willing to wait for him no matter what i cant help but worry. am i wrong for feeling sad and mad at the same time? i just really hate this feeling..i watch the news and i start to cry. ive turned into a ball of tears...and to top it off non of my friends can relate to how i feel or what im going through. everyone tells me to just end the relationship but its like why i love him and i want to be with him..he makes me happy and ive waited a long time to be happy. he also deserves to be happy after all he is gone through. this is the life i chose to live i just didnt think it would be soo hard..sad
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being part of the military world is one of the hardest things a person can do..its a very stressfull thing. no wonder they say loving a man in the army is not for everyone..

I'm pretty new to this, my boyfrend is at BCT right now, but if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here. :)

its so hard sometimes..i just want hime to come home i miss him so u are amazing just like alot of the women on here. ive only been an army girlfriend for about uhm a month..but yes i fell in love with him instantly..hes amazing i love him so much

thanks girls..sometimes i do just need someone to talk to.but someone that knows what im going through. everyone thinks im crazy for waiting for so long and who knows maybe i am..but i love him and i would wait an eternity for him..i just wish i got more news from him..but again thank you and i wish yall the best with yalls men.

Keep you head up girl. I know how you feel :/ its hard! my husband has been deployed since july...i have 7 months to go until i see him and thats just when he gets R&R. Everyday i wake up and ask myself how am i supposed to make it threw another day without sure you do the same. but just try to stay positive! and i hope you hear from him soon. If you ever need someone to talk to message me :)

hey hun, I'm sorry you don't hear from him much :( i hope you get something very soon. If you ever need anyone to tlak to, i'm always here. Just stay strong<3 the time will pass.