Class A's Bring Tears To My Eyes.

So i work at the movies right and yesturday a soldier dress up in class a's and his girlfriend walk up to my regester,
and it made my heart beat so fast! not because i thought the guy was hott or anything but because i just thought about sam
and i couldnt help but think about sam in his class a's
i told the couple sorry if i was acting kinda wired, i told them that i have a soldier in iraq
and they understood i think the girlfriend understood more then her soldier lol. i guess because she knows what it's like.
it's crazy how the sight of acu's and class a's make me tear up. my manager and my other employees saked if i was
okay i told them yess but on the inside i really just wanted to fall to the grown and cry my eyes out, because i miss my
soldier so much.  does anyone feel the sameway lol? i'm just happy that this deployment is almost over!
down to 17 days!

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i know how you feel. i dont really see many army men considering almost the whole state of iowa is deployed but when i do see them i get tears to my eyes almost right away. im so happy for you that your soldier is coming home. i still have about ten months left.

well ladies i would be more then happy to be here for you all when yall need to talk!<br />
even with sam coming home soon i am dreading the goodbye :(<br />
i just remembered he's not coming home to texas he's going to georgia! <br />
i hate being sa far away from him it drives me crazyyyyyy!!!!!!<br />
so i am here for anyone who needs to talk because talking always makes me feel better!

to be honest, i dance outside of domino's to advertise, and i had gotten a sad letter from my man, and then i saw so many people in uniform go by.<br />
i started crying, and the girl i work with (my best friend) was just like "ohhshit, close your eyes, here's another one" lol<br />
youre not alone

Ughh I'm totally gonna be looking to you for advice.. My soldier just told me the other night that sometime in 2011 he'll be deploying to afghanistan.. I know its far away but i'm still worried. The war over there is at its worst I've been hearing :( He's not even out of basic yet though so i have a while but the thought is still pretty scary.. <br />
<br />
Its good to hear your man is coming home though :) <3

Lol it's so nice to know that i am totally not alone on this one! it's so hard to see a soldier in uniform! but then again i know we all love to see our guys in there uniform lol ;p<br />
i'm down to 16 days until he's on his way back to Georgia eekkkkk!!!!!<br />
i can't wait to see him!

Ha ironic because it happened to me today. I was driving and I saw a few soldiers in their ACUs and I felt a big knot in my stomach. I just moved in yesterday and found out that I live right next door to the school's rotc building.

i just try to distract myself with whatever i can but kinda hard when they're all around me -_-U.<br />
<br />
it is hard, but you learn how to push it away temporarily. then you can deal with it when you can.

Sadly i did something i shouldnt have And i mightlose my soldiers! I never see soldiers... But on saturday i saw one in The grocery store it took all in me not to faint! My heart was beating like a drum! He was in his ACU! I felt like I couldn't take it:( it's so hard!

awww i feel the same exact way but it must be harder on you cause you havent seen your soldier in a long time :l but your real lucky you get to see yours soon :)

aahhh that must be so hard!!!<br />
i know i would o crazy if i has to see that <br />
how do you do it?

i do. i get all upset at school because me school is big on rotc. loads of fun when they have to wear their uniforms :(