Lost :-(

lately i have felt really lost in this world... i want to see him again but i have to wait until he comes home.

last week my computer died while talking to him and now i have to get a new one which isnt easy cause im not working yet. i cant wait to start working so i can get a new computer to see him again. i dont care if its just over the internet its better then nothing right now. all i want is for him to come home so i can be with him. before he left (he is deployed) i calculated the time we have been together physically and the time apart from each other by the time he gets home and it was about 2 years apart and about 1 year and about 7 months together physically... i wish we could have spent more time together then apart but its the army they like to take loved ones away.

incase no one knows my story it goes like this...

my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 3 years. it will be 3 years in december. when i was a sophmore in high school he was a senior so i thought he would never date someone that young. well i was wrong. he was shy and i was shy. he asked our frined if she would ask me if i liked him and if i did then she was to ask me out on a date for him.. well i ended up going out on a date with him and a few days later at school on academic week (i went to a vocational school) i met him at the top of the stairs by his class and on the way to my next class. he had a class ring and he took it off of his finger amd placed it in my hand. he didnt say anything he just placed it in my hand and left to go to class. later i met him in the same spot after class and we talked quickly before he had to go to his next class and i had to go to lunch. i asked him if him giving me his class ring means we are dating and he just looked at me and didnt say anything. i went to lunch and i was soo happy i couldnt even eat. i didnt even talk during lunch i just wrote him a note.. after school he walked me to my bus and said he will call me later when he gets home and i got on my bus and almost started crying cause i was soo happy. it felt like i was in a fairytale.. a few days later he stayed after to play games at the school (we had a game night where people could bring gaming systems in and play games from 3-9) i stayed after with him and called my mom and told her i wont be home till late so dont wait up. his brother came to get us and then we went to his house for a few minutes so i could meet the rest of his family. on the way home he kissed me for the first time and i can remember i felt like i was in heaven. normally its the guy that says 'i love you' first but in my case it was me... we were talking on the phone and he was at his grandfathers camp and i was like 'i dont know what im gunna do with you.... i guess all i can do love you..' at first he didnt hear me so i said it again and he said 'i love you too baby' when he graduated i went to his graduation and went to his house after to eat cake. it was a little surprise cause he thought i had to go straight home cause my mom is really strict. i said no i called her earlier and she said that its ok. a few days later i went to his graduation party/going away party. both him and his brother were graduating and going off to basic within a week of each other. (yes my boyfriend is a twin...)he left 2 days before we would have been going out for 6 months. it hurts alot to think he was away but its ok. when he graduated basic i went to it with my mom. his parents couldnt go to both his and his brothers so i told him i would go if my mom let me. i live in MA and he was at basic in MO so my mom and i flew out to see him for 1 and a half days but im soo glad i was able to see him and show my support for him. he means the world to me and one day i hope to marry him. after basic he went to ait in TX and came home for 2 weeks for christmas and new years. we celebrated our 1 year together (even though it had already passed when he got home), we went to christmas parties together. we spent almost every day with each other. it was the best 2 weeks i have ever had in my life! he then found ut he would be going to be deployed in 2010 and started training and i didnt get to see him as much as i would have liked. i am soo proud of my soldier and would do anything to see him again! hopefully he will be coming home in march but we will see about that...

sorry its soo long girls but i just wanted to let everyone know my story...

thanks soo much for reading!
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Your story was so cute! :D<br />
my boyfriend just at BCT right now, so i'm rather new to all of this, but if you ever need someone to vent to or anything, you can message me. :) i'm a good listener! Stay strong <3

Tabbie12 - my boyfriend went to leonard wood for basic. its soo beautiful there! i hope he likes it there. when deployment comes (if it comes for him) i am here if you want to talk! ait was pretty easy for us cause he got to use his phone and computer when he got out of training for the day. <br />
<br />
SpcGomez8409 - he left like the middle of august for iraq. i hope you have a great time with your soldier when he comes home. where in iraq is he do you know? and thanks. if you ever want to talk you can message me. <br />
<br />
thank you both soo much it means alot to me that people are actualy reading my story...

when was he deployed?<br />
and i love your story it's really sweet!<br />
i know just how you feel it's hard being away from<br />
the one you love and want to be with i really wish i <br />
could just move to georgia with my soldier we both wish that <br />
could happen but it can't i'm here in tx and right now he's in iraq but coming <br />
back to the states in 16 days!<br />
i'm here for you if you ever need to talk :)

Awe! Thats such a sweet story! :) He sounds like a really great guy! <br />
<br />
My boyfriend is only in AIT(leonard wood MO) and I'm really, really dreading his deployment :( He hasn't gotten any orders for deploying after AIT but I know its going to come, and I'm just trying to prepare myself, but I'm living for today, not when deployment comes. He wont be home until November, then he has 10-14 days off, and he'll be back for christmas for another 14 days :)