How Did Your Soldiers Act When They Came Home? I'm Nervous!

Ok, my husband  is currently in Iraq and this is our first deployment together. He will be coming home at the beginning of December and I am super excited.... well I was until I was talking to him today and he said "don't expect things to be the same as they were before I left, because they won't be"  and I said I'm sure it will be an adjustment  but what exactly do you mean. Then he said  "It will just take some time to get back into the swing of things Its all going to come from me, but like I said, just wait it out."   So I am a little freaked out and a milion things are going through my mind. I just don't know what to expect. How different did your soldiers act when they came home, what did they do, how did you deal with it? Thanks for any help you can give!  
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Hi! My boyfriend isn't home yet but we had that same talk. He said a lot of guys there have shorter tempers when they get home so they get mad or frustrated over little things. In the end just be supportive of him. I told my bf that I will always be there for him and support him and listen to him when he needs to vent or just talk. All the guys say they come back different. (A few have even said it ages them) I've noticed my bf is more serious. Just take it a day at a time. Best of luck.

good for you guys! glad you all had some positive stories. My boyfriend? Oh he just came back from Afghanistan. Yep. My female intuition gave off that he was here. I just felt he was back. So I text him and guess what? He sure was back in the US. Even admitted not responding to me because he was "back". So Im over here worried if all is well with you and all the time youre hanging out with family? Needless to say, he got the boot.

Yeah I am about to go through the same thing, my boyfriend is coming home from his first deployment. he leaves Iraq tomorrow! I am also worried that things will be a little different but I see it like this, if w could get though the deployment we can get through the after math. we just need to keep our heads up and just hope for the best. If you want i can let you know how things went for my soldier and i.

ok my boyfriend was gone for a total of 7 months,i can tell you that yes he did change over the time he was gone,he takes things more personally, in example if i dont feel good and dont want to be held he gets offended and doesnt understand thats just how i am, or if i dont ask for help he gets offended, but those are easy adjustments you have to talk through, there are guys that come back and have night terrors from what they experienced over there, daniel has only had a few but he flinches alot more in his sleep so im sure hes having dreams from over there, they usually are quiet about their experiences over there dont push that give him the time to getting used to being home and things that are normal every day life for you are something he has to remember to do and get back into the swing of it, remember there are times were he doesnt shower or brush his teeth for a week over there, but when hes ready he will talk about it, it may not be all of it or something that seems serious to you but its how hes getting used to sharing the experiences with you, daniel hasnt said much about being over there hes only showed me some pictures, it does take time hes right but in time he will be back to his normal self, just hang in there and dont lose hope in him he needs your support that you gave him while he was deployed when he comes home to get grounded again

Oh sorry, he will be home for good, and thanks I sure hope so!

hello i am currently goin through a deployment as well and my fiance comes home in december as well but im not sure if you mean on leave or home for good .. well when my fiance came home on leave he was normal nothing had changed. everything was like he had never left.. dont be nervous hun everything willl be great!

I'm trying so hard to be optimistic but I can tell he's different already, and I guess him saying it today really just made it real. I know that we will be fine but just wondering what I have to look forward.... sigh

can't really relate. my soldier is still in Iraq (our first deployment too) and he does seem a little different. But I'm optimistic!

can't really relate. my soldier is still in Iraq (our first deployment too) and he does seem a little different. But I'm optimistic!