Deployment 08

    I met my boyfriend a week and a half before his deployment. It's kinda funny how we came to be, in an ironic kinda way. haha. Within 30 minutes of meeting each other we called dibbs. To explain, I told my friend that i called him and he told his he called me. Two days after meeting and talking on the phone all night, we both knew we really liked each other. So after attending an oyster roast on the outskirts of town, I was walking outside with him to his car to show him the way out of the neighborhood. When we got to his car, he kissed me, outta the blue. As i walked back towards the roasting i told him, "Oh by the way, we're dating now." and his reponse was "Good, thats how i wanted it to be." haha. Kinda backwards but it worked. haha.
    Well, today marks our 3 weeks together.  Although, he has been overseas for most of our relationship i can honestly say i love this boy. He's amazing. I know that i will be spending many-a-day without him physically present, including our first 8 or 9 month aniversaries and valentines day but i still would not leave him for anything or anyone. He completes me and I know he feels the same about me.
    We are currently dealing with his first deployment. Its different than I imagined. I miss him terribly and think about him everyday and I know he does the same. Its tough not seeing him or talking to him everyday but I'm strong enough to handle it and won't let anyone tell me differently. After all, being an Army girlfriend is my superpower! =]
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hun we need to chat i met my man and three weeks later he left before the first kiss the first of lots of things im in the same boat but im looking at this as it will be the most amazing love story every when he gets home and if you think about it as you will get to know that person a 1000 time better before you take you guys to the next leval

Im slightly in the same boat as you girls, except i havent physically meet with my man. I meet him while he was deployed from my brother who both are over in Iraq till september which will make it a whole year they'll be there for and weve just been talking online alot and kinda just fallen for each other and i cant wait for the day we finally get to see/meet each other!

WOW. Me, too. We met the night he was deploying but I just knew. we knew. How fast can six months go? Or how slow? I don't know. I just know he's worth every minute of it.

My boyfriend and I started dating on his mid-tour leave. I'm glad i'm not the only one who is crazy enough to jump into this on such short notice!


Aw! I love hearing all your cute stories, I have a cute story, but not why i'm here. I'm going crazy! I met this guy back in June in person and really hit it off and we've been talking non stop since then. He was deployed back in September and I've made it 6 months! I can't even believe I've made it this far! I'm going nuts, I wasn't raised with any form of military so I have no idea how to handle any of this. I try to keep up with his schedule, but it changes all the time, I get so frustrated because there's one day where he's so bored and he can talk for so long then it'll be a week or longer of nothing and it drives me crazy because it's so unpredictable! I'm just venting! :) I think I need to find an extracurricular activity hehe. Any advice? I can't help but think we have this great relationship on google voice, but I'm so afraid when he returns back where he's stationed he's going to forget about it all and say...whew thanks for gettin me through! ..... hmmm am I being a little crazy?

OMG!! lol i thought i was the only one that'd do somethin as crazy as starting a relationship with someone i met 2 n a half weeks before his deployment....i actually met him when he was on makes me feel better to know there's other girls that did the same =)

my boyfriend is away too. We got together very shortly before he was deployed too! I don't feel alone or crazy anymore lol. But yes i totally get where your coming from all those missed times together are well worth it in the end. We have the best superpower for sure! If you ever need advice or just want to talk don't hesistate to email me!

Yea my boyfriend is away too right now, and was for most of our relationship. It will be worth every minute of this though. And dont ever let anyone tell you that its not worth it or anything negative because that just means they dont know how strong your relationship is and it will be fun to prove them wrong in the end. Hope your man comes home safe and if u need advise or just to tlk let me know

finding actual love is more amazing than anything i could imagine!!! Also, i def agree with the whole army relationships thing you said! It is fo sho worth it!!

Hell yeah!<br />
I love your story of how you two got together! It's adorable! Isn't it amazing finding actual love? =)<br />
I think army relationships go through the toughest experiences and have to persevere over obstacles most couples don't, but then they totally have the most love from it. It's so worth it!<br />
My boyfriend isn't deployed yet, but I can definitely understand where you are coming from! Shoot me an e-mail if you need to chat! Good luck!