He Got His Orders!!

Alright ladies, my boyfriend just got his orders in today!! Well, I can't say I'm happy with them, but they most defiantly could be worst. The good thing is that he isn't going over seas, to germany or anything, and he's not being deployed right now either! Well, as some of you know I live in Maine, about 45 minutes from the border of Maine and NH.. and my boyfriend got stationed at Fort Lewis Washington! Well, the problem with that is IT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY! I guess it doesn't matter how far away he is when he's gone though, does it? Well, I have a plan in my head, and we talk about it a lot, I'm a senior in high school but this experience made me mature and grow up fast! So here are my plans, me and my boyfriend plan on getting married fresh after I graduate( I know, it's soon, please don't comment on that! ) A lot of my family were all married young, and I don't know, we just feel it's right. So were gonna get married in the beginning of June, 2011(well thats what were planning) and then I'll be moving to Washington with him. I know, it's a big step, but the reason I'm not to worried about it is because I know that if something goes wrong, or he's deployed and I can't handle being alone, I always have a place back home, or in Jersey with my dad. I'm currently looking at college in Washington, but I'm also applying to a community college here in Maine(about 5 minutes down the road) just in case something goes wrong, I have a back up plan you know? Alright, so right now thats my plan, I also plan on moving in with my boyfriend parent in February, because I honestly can't stand my mom always putting my relationship down and saying he's gonna change and leave me and she's gonna laugh, yeap, thats whats he tells me all the time. SO those are my plans as of right now, It will probably change, but hopefully only for the better! OH! And I also plan on going to washington in April to visit Dustin while I'm on vacation :) So we'll see what happens!!
:) Any advice on anything, please let me know and I'll most defiantly take it into consideration :)
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Thanks for the advice(: It is definatly nice to have a plan B set up, trust me! <br />
In my situation, if i do decide to move to south korea with Tom, my plan B shoots straight out the door. But if i decide i don't want to then he has been guaranteed to be stationed in the states, i'm hoping he get's either Georgia or Washington! So it's like all up to me pretty much! Good luck with everything hun, keep me updated! <br />

Yeah, maybe we could just, secretly switch their orders! :) haha It would be pretty sweet if Dustin was in NY, I have a lot of family there and Jersey, but oh well, guess I'm stuck moving to the other side of the country! Good luck with EVERYTHING! And congrats on the wedding!! I really hope you figure out what you wanna do, and I hope everything works the way you guys want it to! :)

Ah good ol Washington...still super jealous and think our men should swap stations =P But yes, Washington is beautiful, however Fort Lewis is on the coast and it's pretty rainy...REALLY rainy. So i hope you don't mind the rain lol I would say hey we could meet up sometime but that won't work cuz by then, I'll be over in freakin New York lol Darn Army just decides to send both of us to opposite ends of the US lol But you are very smart having a backup plan :) I'm stuck trying to figure out what I wanna do...i've always wanted to be a vet but me and Troy are trying to figure out when we want kids and vet school is out of the question cuz it just takes way too long and when we do have kids, i wanna be a stay at home mom. so wish me luck on figuring my own life out lol But hey, good luck with Fort Lewis and that would be really cool if you got married in June...I wish I could have a spring/summer wedding. but i'm still super excited for my winter one =D

Thank you so much, everybody!! :) I though a lot about what I wanted to do, and how I was gonna do it, I talked with Dustin a lot too, so we'll see how everything goes, and I hope it goes as planned! :) I'll keep you all updated!! :) He'll be home in a few weeks for 3 weeks home recruiting then back for christmas for 2 weeks so I wont be on too much during those days, but I'll keep up with y'all. Thank you all again, it helps so much knowing other people can see I'm trying to make the right decisions on how I wanna go about college, my boyfriend, everything!

Well it sounds like you have a great head on your shoulders and you don't really need much more advice from me =)

Washington is BEAUTIFUL! i went there in august cause thats where my boyfriends pre-deployment training was and i loved it! the ba<x>se is HUGE and you can see Mt Renier on sunny days. its absolutely beautiful there! and im happy for you guys!

i think you are being VERY smart!! i doubt anything would go bad but it never hurts to have a back up plan!!! you are wise beyond your years... especially for being so inlove.. atleast for me sometimes its hard to see the smart thing to do because youd rather just do what you want outa impulse. so girly.. im REALLY happy for you... and i think you are being smart and making all the right moves :)

Yeah, washington! Haha We've had kinda of an outline on what we wanted to do, but never really anything set in stone since we didn't know where he was going, what was going on, so thats my plan right now, and like I said it'll probably change but it's good to have that outline we can work with! And yes, back up plans.. I need one, because I told Dustin last night, he asked where I was going to college and I was like "I don't know, where your stationed I'll look into college there but I'm applying to central maine community college just in case something happens, I don't wanna get screwed!" He completely understood but it's not only if something happens to 'us'... what if he gets deployed before I graduate? I'm not moving if he's deployed, I'll wait till he gets home, then transfer my credits!<br />
But thanks so much! :) I though it was a pretty good plan myself :) And everything is moving by so fast, I need to get going on this college paper, applications, financial aid! I'll keep with the updates as well! :)

Oh my goooossshhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Washington?! Holy smokes. You're right though, that distance wont do any harm to your relationship. It sounds like you have a great plan though! You've only known about his orders for a short period of time, and you guys already have something all worked out....so, that means, you still have time to work out any kinks. Most people wouldn't make a back up plan like you did, Tabbie, and you're right, that is mature. Good for you! <br />
I'm also stoked that you are moving out of your mom's house. She hasn't been the supportive mom you need...it will be refreshing for you to be around something new. <br />
You only deserve the best, sweet pea. Keep telling us any updates! <br />
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xoxoxo<br />