I Am An Infantry Girlfriend

As you can see from my title, I am an infantry girlfriend. I have not been one for very long but it already appears to be incredibly challenging and at times I am not quite sure how to get through it. Not too long ago I met a totally amazing man, Jeff. The first time that I got to see him was the happiest day of my life. We met after he had already went through basic training and his AIT training. I did not have that period to get adjusted to the military life style. 
Most people tend to think that I am crazy. You see, I am just 17 years old and Jeff is 19. I have heard the same things over and over again. Everyone saying that I am either too young to be waiting for a soldier to return home or that I am too young for something as serious as to what we could be getting ourselves into. But unless they have been there to step in my shoes I do not see how it is possible for them to judge.
It is incredibly hard to be away from him for so long at a time. He left Friday, November 5, 2010 for Fort Carson. It has not been long since I have seen him this time and he will return home to me for Christmas on a 6 day leave and I cant wait for it. Unless someone has been through this, it is impossible for them to understand the love you can feel for a soldier. As a high school student there is so much that I miss out on. I do not have him here to go to prom with me or to just attend nights out with our friends. I cant just call him when I have been having a bad day or rush over to his house to feel his arms around me. And he is deprived of these luxuries as well. There are so many things that "regular people" take for granted. If they had these things taken away from them for just even a week then it might be possible for them to understand why our soldiers mean so much to us. 
Right now Jeff and I are dating and have agreed on not seeing anyone else. We have not yet had to deal with our first deployment. He will be leaving at some point next year which isnt too far away... I wish that he was never leaving. He wants to see how well I can handle his deployment and wants to make sure that I will be here waiting for him when he gets home. He has trust issues which I can understand. What he doesn't understand is that I am willing to wait. I know the sacrifices of loving someone who will be gone, and possibly not coming home again and that is the risk I am willing to take. When he comes home for a few days at a time and I feel his arms around me again it is the best feeling in the world. I am not sure how it is possible to be any happier. 
I know my story has been a bit jumbled and maybe not the easiest to follow but I would love some advice from those of you who have been through this. How do I make our relationship work? How do I cope with the fact that he is in Infantry and could possibly not come home to me at the end of his 15 month deployment? How do I make him understand that no matter what happens, I will be here waiting when he gets home because I AM AN INFANTRY GIRLFRIEND. 
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Im the same age as you and my boyfriend is also 19 and he leaves for basic next month so im going through the same thing, and as a high school student no one truely understands that you can have feelings for someone that are strong and be willing to wait. My bestfriend doesnt understand and i have no one to talk to about it either its hard cause no one around you is going through it they all have "normal" boyfriends. But the way i look at it is just remember all the good times, wait for him to come home and cheerish each moment and if anything happens be strong you have to remember he did what he loved and he always knew you were there for him. I hope you two make it :) dontlisten to anyone you know your feelings and he'll be okay always or atleast try to always think positive!

I won't give my man up either :)

Unless they have fallin in love with a soldier then they would never know what kind of connection it is or how it feels. I wouldnt give up what I have with my soldier for anything in the world. He is my all and I dont want to think about a life where he doesnt exist. Thats just not a possibility for me.

It's the hardest thing to not have support from those around you. I get where you're coming from. I wish more people could understand how proud it makes us to be a soldier's girl. I can't breathe without my soldier here, it's like my world stops rotating when he's gone. That's a love that I won't give up for anything. I hope it's the same for you.

Thanks for what you said Crystal. That right there means a lot to me. I do not listen to what everyone says. I am going to be there for my soldier through everything, even if others think it isnt a very good idea. My soldier is my world. Everything else takes a back burner. Even school, which my parents hate. I got grounded because my phone went off the other day in class and it was my soldier. I walked right out of the room and answered. Other people dont understand that every second we get with our soldiers are important to us, and even more so to them. They need us. <br />
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Jeff hasnt been through a deployment yet. He will be leaving June 29th, 2011 if nothing else changes between now and then. Being another infantry girlfriend you know that nothing is set in stone. You have to be ready for anything that happens and be excepting of it. Our soldiers do not have a choice so neither do we. My soldier keeps telling me that the day I met him I became Army strong too and we would make it through things together and I believe that.<br />
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Unlike yourself I do not have supportive friends. They all think I am crazy for falling for a soldier. But if that is crazy then I am proud to be just that :) I wouldnt wana be anything else. Im dedicated to him and it doesnt matter what everyone else thinks. So getting so much support on here from everyone is great and something I am not used to.<br />
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Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me. And if you ever need anything I am here for you too.

I am an infantry girlfriend as well. That comes first....I am a student, I am a senior, I am 17, but what comes first is being an infantry girlfriend. What comes first is knowing that it helps my soldier get through a hard mission, or having some insurgant shoot at him everyday, or being in a desert wasteland away from everything he loves, or having to watch his best friend die, to know that I am here waiting for him. What comes first is loving a soldier who puts his life on the line to keep me safe at home. Soldiers don't work 9 to 5 jobs, they don't get off work and come home, they are soldiers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Their job never ends, neither does ours. All we can do is be there when they need us. Don't listen when someone tells you that you are too young to love a soldier, you're never too young. Love is what helps you get through the long days and the lonely nights, if you didn't have that love....then there is no point in waiting on a soldier. The love you offer your man is the comfort they need when they are overseas, it gets them through. It's hard not to be able to run over to them when you need them, it's hard not to be able to cuddle with them or have them be there when you reach for them in the mornings but you'll get through it. When it gets hard....get on here and talk to one of us, text me (360-269-6234), or just close your eyes and breathe remember that your soldier loves you more than you could ever dream. It is the hardest thing to have to get through a deployment, I lost a brother to Operation Iraqi Freedom...I have nightmares about that and when I found out that my man was going over there...I had a breakdown I cried for 3 days straight. But I dealt with it, I woke up I put on a smile and I looked him in the eye and told him that I would be here when he came home. I love my soldier, I can't wait to move in with him, to be his wife, to grow old with him. What he doesn't know is how I cry every night he's gone praying that he's going to make it through and that he's coming home. That crying helps me, so does copius amounts of gummy bears, late late nights with my girls cuddled up on the couch watching movies. They don't understand what I'm going thorugh but they are always there for me. When you're stressing, turn to your girls, turn to comfort food, turn to a good movie, turn to one of the women on here, you can turn to me. We're all in the same position you are....and we're not going to tell you that you're too young. PROUD TO BE AN INFANTRY GIRLFRIEND xoxo crystal

thanks to you both that really means a lot. and right now we are texting and i couldnt be happier! :D im kinda in the process of me pouring my heart out to him. its helping. I just get kinda nervous when it takes a while for him to respond.

I'm an infantry girlfriend to :) It's a tough job. I completely understand how you feel when you think that he might not come home from his deployment. I have nightmare's about it all the time. You gotta try and stay positive though :) and definitely stay busy. School should help a lot with that lol. I honestly don't know how my fiance and I make it work. I don't think there's any set way to make a relationship like this work really. Just kinda have to go with the flow, and accept things as they come with an open mind. That's how I work it at least lol. To reassure him that you'll be waiting and won't go anywhere just be really honest and speak from the heart. Tell him exactly how you feel about him, and about the situation. Feel free to message me if you ever need to talk :)

A military girlfriend is a tough job, specially while in school whether it's college or high school. It's my senior year now, my boyfriend graduated last year and is graduating ait shortly. I've been with him through it all so far(been together for 14 months) He'll be home soon, then he's headed to Fort Lewis Washington probably in January so I'll be headed their after I graduate in 6 months :D <br />
But if you need anything, I'm here and all the other girls are here for you!! Stay strong, keep busy, I'm sure school is doing that already! :) I'm also on facebook if you wanna add me, it's Tabbie Olsen, (the maine gal) ahha