Well, today's just a crappy day, anybody else feel the same?

-My moms being... very unsupportive and saying she wants to call my dad and send me back to Jersey so I can't see Dustin when he gets home.. and she has the power since I'm not 18 until Feb. 2nd
-I'm getting sick again, I feel like complete s***
- My hand hurts, I'm going to the orthopedics tomorrow morning at 8
-My boyfriend's been acting weird the past few days and says everything it alright, he loves me and nothing is wrong, so I've been giving him space and it kills me not to message him or something when I know I can and he'll be able to reply
- I have no clue when he's coming home and that also kills me, but he should be back soon <3
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Tabbie, you just need to ignore your mom's empty threats. She knows what buttons to press to get you angry, and you have to try hard not to let her.<br />
And as far as Dustin goes...I know what you mean. He says he loves you. but wants distance. It doesn't make sense, but it is till something that just...happens sometimes.<br />
Keep you heart in the right place, everything will turn out well soon.<br />
xoxo<br />

I wish mom's would just understand that it's our life, not theirs....they may be our parent and all but it's none of their business. they cant tell us who to love and who matters to us. screw them, i love my soldier and i cant wait to be his wife, my mom can suck it.

Thanks girls!!!<br />
Shay, your right, moms will be moms, and I feel like I've heard her opinion about things a million times a day! But I guess I'll just have to take it for now until I leave in June to be with him<br />
Kadie, thanks I'm talking to you on FB now!<br />
saranicole, Thanks, I hope everything turns out alright with you and your man!

i feel the same. my boyfriend is being an *** too. We fought all last night, and he's still kinda being a jerk today. I haven't talked to him since 12. And i'm gonna wait til tonight to talk to him. I'm sorry about your mom. Just sit tight and try to "behave" until he comes home!

Im sorry your day isnt going well Tabbie. My family isnt that supportive of my relationship with my soldier either. Im on facebook right now if you wana get on and chat. You know I am always here for you. Us army girls have gotta stick together

You know, my mom is also being the same. She is completly aware of me having to decide if I will be moving to South Korea with my soldier. She keeps telling me that it's not a good idea and that it's her's and my dads decision as well. I've told her over and over again... "No mom, it is NOT your decision. This is all ME. I will take everything into consideration, but legally you cannot tell me what to do." My dad walked in and asked what we were bickering about, I told him He looks over at my mom and says, "Hun, this is her decision, we can't make her stay." My mom began to tell me, "I know I can't make you stay, and I know this is your decision to make, but I just want you to know my opinion." I've been tool a million times what she thinks, so Its not like I haven't heard it before. My mom, I think is trying her best but she is having a hard time adjusting. <br />
Tabbie, your mom will eventually realize that, this is your life, and you have to live it for yourself. Not annybody else. <br />
I'm already 18, so my mom has lost her right to tell me what to do and I think being her only child is making it that much tougher for her. She's trying and yes, I understand. But sometimes, she get's annoying because mostly she's just repeating herself. <br />
Moms will be moms, they are just going to throw all the negatives at us, that way when they come up, we'll be prepared. <br />
Hang in there sweetie, You'll be fine. Things will clear up soon. <br />
I hope everything works out the best for you, keep us updated.<br />
I'm here if you ever need to talk, Keep your chin up!<br />
Your friend,<br />