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Me and my boyfriend ryan have been dating for 6 months now and we fell for eachother instantly. Although only after 3 months of dating he had to leave for a 15 month deployment to iraq. I know that no one said it would be easy, i had no idea it would be this hard. He helps me as much as he can, you wouldn't believe how many times he has called and i just poured my heart out to heart out. And anyone who is going through the me if you open up so will they!But i just want to know what i can do to make the time go by faster. He comes back in july for a month break but then goes back till January '09
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Keep yourself busy!! If you stay busy and keep your mind off of it, it will go by alot faster. Hang with friends and family, go to school, get a job or two, find hobbies you like to do. Im about to go through the same thing and i dread it. I created a facebook page for girls with problems like this. Check it out if you want (: the facebook page is named "Army Wives && Girlfriends Do It Better." Thanks,
Hope i helped.

My soldier will be deployed soon and i want to know how to cope with it, it's his first deployment and I'm scared...what do i do?

I am getting ready to go through the same thing, my boyfriend of almost a year is leaving for a 12 month deployment in 2 months. I've been trying to come up with creative things or new hobbies for me to pick up when he leaves. You could try making a scrapbook of the two of you. Scrapbooks are very time consuming and it’s a way to keep him closer to you in a way. <br />
My boyfriend is a cook, and (me not being a very good cook) I plan on taking a Julie & Julia approach and cook my way through Rachel Ray's cookbook for a year, and send him pictures of the things I cook. It’s my way of somehow keeping him involved in my life while he's not there, plus when he gets back I will hopefully be as good of a cook as he is :)<br />
Exercise, running, working out, etc is a great way to relieve the stress and get your mind off of everything, plus if you are committed it will help the time go by.<br />
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My sister and her husband have made it through multiple deployments within a 3 year time span so they give me hope that it is possible to make it through the hard times that are to come, or the hard times that most of you are already going through. So I have faith that you all will make. Keep your heads up and stay positive. Best of luck to everyone :)

Ive been trying to do this by myself to and its not working. I dont know if im coming or going. My man just left a month ago over seas and its not getting any easier. Honey, your not in this alone. Im not sure anyone can make this easier. :(

i know what you are going through, i am going through the same thing. my fiancee just left for his first deployment. it is a lot harder than i imagined it would be. i'm still trying to find things to fill my time, all i seem to do is clean and read. but i want to do more..if anyone comes up with ideas let me know. it's hard, but it's worth it to be with the one you love. and we are all stronger for going through this because not everyone would be able to do it. <br />
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That is a hard one to be away from the one you love. When I'm waiting for something important and I just cant wait I scratch off day by day on the Calender until it is time. I don't know if it makes it come quicker or slower but it will build up the anticipation so when you do see him it will be like he never left.

i know what you are going through. my bf and i are currently going through our first deployment together. its a 20 month overseas deployment. The hard part is not knowing where he will be tomoro because they are always moving him around. I dont get to talk to him much because of it but i know it will be worth it.<br />
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You and Ryan will make it through this. I understand when you say its harder than you thought it was gunna be cause im feeling the same way. Just know that it is def worth every second of it.<br />
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Try taking up a new hobby to fill the time that you are usually spending with him. Yoga, running, painting, reading, and writing are just a few options. =]<br />
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good luck and i know that everything will be good...for the both of us. =]<br />
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message me if you want to or need to talk. =]